The Law of Syllogy

The Law of Syllogy is a mathematic and logic principle that states if premise leads to a second, and the second leads to a third, then the first premise leads to the third. (Ex. if 2+3 = 5 and 4+1 = 5, then 2+3 = 4+1)
Someone on some other topic was talking about how all the plots for FF follow a similar thread (A confused hero with a sword must save a girl proficient in a rare type of magic from an unspeakable world-destroying evil and an effeminate crazy guy).
Even the characters archetypes and personalities match up. Here’s what I think map up. Discuss what you think is wrong and right.<table align=center>
<td>Cait Sith</td><td>=</td><td>Irvine</td><td>=</td><td>Quina<td>=</td><td>Kimahri</td></tr>
<td>Red XIII</td><td>=</td><td>Quistis</td><td>=</td><td>Vivi<td>=</td><td>Lulu</td></tr>
Please note with this table I am not trying to say that Aeris should have ended up with Cloud by equating her with the other leading ladies. I am matching her up by their other characteristics.

Gak… I’ve heard this way too often. Yes, the general outline of RPGs is generally the same. It can be said about pretty much any game in the genre. The beauty and individuality of the games comes in the specifics of the characters and their interaction with each other. Trying to say that Squall is exactly the same as Zidane is pretty disengenuous (their personalities are completely opposite).

And maybe the = holds remotely true for the two main protagonists, but the others are just tosses in the dark. For every thing you see about two particular characters which are the same, I can name you something else that’s different. So the whole thing’s an effort in futility, if you ask me.

Cloud = Squall = Zidane = Tidus
Aeris = Rinoa = Dagger = Yuna
Tifa = Quistis = Steiner = Wakka
Yuffie = Selphie = Eiko = Rikku
Cid = Seifer = Amarant = Auron
Cait Sith = ??? = Quina = Kimahri
Red XIII = ??? = Vivi = Lulu
Vincent = Irvine = Freya = Paine
Barret = Zell = ??? = ???
Sephiroth = Aidia = Beatrix = Seymour

That’s what I can come up with.

I love doing this. I always rope Amarant w/ Tifa, Zell, and… Rikku?!
Yes Rikku. So very hard to classify. :mwahaha:

Just a test of relativity here… lol

I can’t believe nobody uses anything besides FFs 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Well, there’s a distinct difference between games pre-psx and post-psx. It would be a lot harder to equate characters from before psx with those after because of that.
I didn’t really mean for this to be a serious topic. I just thought it might be a fun puzzle to try and see which characters were equal. I can think of justificiations for each line, not relating to the pattern of storylines.

I agree that there is a big difference in pre and post psx games, but i disagree when you say you can’t equate the characters. the ease at which you catagorize characters into your prescribed stereotype just goes to show that newer characters have less depth than the older ones. I think in a lot of ways the early games had to be so much more creative with their characters and story line because the graphics sucked yet they still had to produce some kind of emotion out of these little pixely figures. but that doesn’t mean they can’t be equated, think Zell and Sabin, Zidane and Locke, these characters are not exactly the same, thankfully, but parts of their characters do match each other, but you will get that with everything because the creators most likley took personality traits that actually do exist to make their characters feel more realistic.

basically what i am saying is that if you are going to do what you started this thread to do then you might as well make a table for every variation of personality traits that ever existed and start sorting every single fictional character ever created into groups, the table you made is like a chinese compatibility calendar.

Everyone seems to think I’m trying to exclude pre PSX games, saying they’re not as good. I’m not. For one thing, honestly, I know the PSX era much better than the BPSX (before PSX). Therefore, I know the characters better. Even though I’ve played those games, I find it hard thinking where I’d put Locke, Celes, Terra, etc. so I just skipped that. The goal of this was to equate each main character to another main character without skipping.

Newer characters have less depth? Perhaps in your imagination (and part of the beauty of SNES-era graphics is to let your imagination give the characters whatever depth you want). But if you’re talking the characters who were actually presented by Square in their stories, I find the PSX/PS2 characters to be far more nuanced. You never saw something like the interaction between Zidane and Amarant (or Steiner), or Tidus’s relationship with his father, in an SNES game.

Not in a SNES game, but those relationships and conflicts appear a lot in Anime, such as Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh.

Yes, but we’re not discussing anime. O_o Where the heck did that come from?

Both Pokémon and Yu-gi-oh are Newer Than ff6. FF6(94) was released before the orignal Pokémon Red and Green (95) were. (The Cartoon is based on the games).

Have you seen any anime outside of those two?

I Class those as Japanise Cartoons, not Anime.

ok cid, you’re right, it probably was my imagination. there is some of that kind of stuff in the older games though, but without the amazing graphics that are available now it was harder, they had to be more creative, when presenting it.

Tidus is also one of my least favorite characters in the entire series, it was hanging around luke skywalker pre dagobah, and his relationship with his father was quite similar to lukes as well. and i actually remember very little about ff9 in the way of characters. i think i am biased toward the older games cause that’s what i’ve been playing recently. i never played them when they came out , but i love them now.

and quina, relationships and conflicts appear everywhere in fiction. of course the japanese medium is a different duck, still if you read enough manga, or western fantasy novels and it all blends into one big glob.

I Class those as Japanise Cartoons, not Anime.

I thnk it’s dated junk

Well, I watch Full Metal Alchemist and have played Anime games, such as Chrono Trigger and Tales of Symphonia. And I am getting Dragon Quest VIII this Christmas.

The Wallflower, analyzing characters (video games, cinema, literature) was never my forte. Can you please explain this equation:

Vincent = Seifer = Amarant = Auron
From my shallow point of view, the only common thread I see is the “coolness” factor. What else am I missing?

Okay. You pass

I’ve seen FMA too do i pass? pass what? that is the question. i’m not sure i want to have basara passing me in any context. i love how one sentance like that can define the value of a persons opinions so well.