The Last Supper

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Can I take your order please?

TD, the fact that’s on record is kinda… odd :stuck_out_tongue:


:thud: and a lot of them.

That is rather… sick.

Its interesting how many wanted cheeseburgers, fries and soda.
I would try to inconvinence them by ordering something very expensive and rare.

I don’t think you’re worried about trying to inconvenience 'em at that point …

I’d think it to be kinda funny, ask them for Caspian Beluga caviar, even though your going to die and it doesn’t really matter.

But thats just probly my dark sence of humor.

I would ask for the rarest truffle in the world, and while they were searching for it, I would escape! …but then, I would miss out on eating the rarest truffle in the world…hmm…

A cookie to whoever knows what that’s from.

On a more serious note, I would much rather have a big ol’ pizza and a jug of root beer than some caviar and clam juice. :hahaha;


I wonder why in hell they record this…

Anyways, it seems like <strike> all </strike> most of them did like Root beer too :stuck_out_tongue:

…And also,they seem to eat a lot. I couldn’t eat a whole chicken like some of them did.

I saw something on last meal requests some years ago. The warden seemed alittle to happy when he talked about their last requests.

…I pity the janitors who have to work on death row.

(don’t ask)

Originally posted by Trillian

…I pity the janitors who have to work on death row.

(don’t ask) [/b]

No need.

gets it

Wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more, know what I mean.

This thread just went way over my head…

<img src=“”> Click the picture, <strike>stupid</strike> :stuck_out_tongue:

You are one very morbid man, TD.

I get the impression that they were trying to eat themselves to death, so they could say ‘You can’t kill me, I quit’. But with the food they are served in prison, they must be pretty resilient to food: I guess they forgot that.

And some seem like they wanted to die like a lot of free Americans, from overweight. Too many of them ordered burgers and fries. Eww.

Originally posted by Tenchimaru_Draconis
<img src=“”> Click the picture, stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t even realize it was a link. Oh and don’t call me stupid.

[unfunnyjoke] Stupid [/unfunnyjoke]

I’d order more that I could eat, just to say that I’m not finished, which would tie up the prison costing the taxpayers millions, just to keep me imprisoned for those few extra hours.

Did you not read the entire thing? It said NOT ALL REQUESTS ARE GRANTED. That means, if you order too much, they will likely give you a burger or something before they kill you :-.