The Last Samurai

Great movie. Go see it. Best movie I’ve seen in a long while. Go see it.

Better then Pirates of the Caribbean ?

Well, they’re two different kinds of movies. On the whole, I’d say no, but that shouldn’t be the deciding factor. In a lot of ways, The Last Samurai hit me like Braveheart did.

Best movie ever! It even has ninjas, but they get their asses kicked in the face. If you liked it you should also try to find a movie called Ninja in the dragons den. Its not really the at all alike, its just a great movie. if you look up on search “martial arts 10 pack” you can get 10 movies for 13 bucks, its got two great movies, and the rest you can make fun of. the good ones are Knight and warrior (ninja in dragons den bootleg name) and Burger Cop. its like a japanese police academy.

Last Samurai is so great its hard to express. its better than pirates, though its not the same at all. Potc is a comedy/family while Samurai is a martialarts/drama

yeah I also heartily recommend it. It’s like Dances With Wolves only not boring. And there’s swords.

The movie in general is just good. Go to see good acting, great directing, and a good storyline of basically the last stand against modernity.

If people need to be told to go see a movie like this from a online message board. They dont deserve to see it.

I might go see it tomorrow.

I’m gonna go see it sometime, probably after I see Return of the King. Or before. I dunno, I’m never the one who plans these things. hopes to get PotC for Christmas, or at least the money to get it

Saw it, loved it, you see it too.

I should see it…

I’ve been planning on seeing it for awhile now.

That movie was fucking great. It had explosions, samurai, and ninjas!

EDIT: If you liked this movie, Check out Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, Sanjuro, or The Hidden Fortress.

It was an excellent movie. The final stand of the samurai against the imperial army is a beautiful battle, and while we know that the samurai are going to get wiped out (the movie is called the Last Samurai) we’re still hoping that by some miracle they’ll win.

Their last stand really gives you an idea of just how brutal modern warfare is, but at the same time the samurai who are totally outnumbered and out gunned still put up a valiant fight.

It really is a great movie, which should appeal to anyone who likes epic war movies.

On a side note, the law of CIV3 applies: Samurai beat anything up to and including green Riflemen, against veteran riflemen it’s a fair fight, against anything better samurai get owned.

I saw it yesterday. It is one of the coolest movies I’ve ever seen.