The last days of Babel

The massive tower touched the clouds, proud, ancient and mysterious, a monument to the insanity that echoed from within. Madness was rampant within its walls. Sanity was banished from its premises. It became a sanctuary, a shrine to chaos and humor.
But then, centuries later, it became decadent, a shadow of its former glory. Where laughter and praises were once heard, only silence remained. The Tower slowly strayed from its purpose, becoming a cursed ruin, a shadow of its former magnificence. Many abandoned it, while a few stubbornly clung to their dying traditions… Until one day. One day, the sky turned red, dark clouds unleashed a rain of blood and tears and the heavens raged. Ancient powers awakened. The wrath of the heavens and the earth was unleashed upon the Tower. The ocean boiled away, the winds howled, heralds to the coming doom. And it was the beinning of the end. The earth rumbled and was showered with an infernal rain of fire. The whole world itself revolted against the ancient monument and decided to purge it from its surface. The rain of fire engulfed the Tower, and its foundations cracked. Spears of ice rained from the clouds, lightning blew ancient statues to pieces. As the last of its inhabitants fled, a colossal comet crashed on the ancient structure, engulfed in flames. The Tower was condemned by a higher power, who decided to erase every trace of its existence. The comet’s impact created an unspeakable shockwave and the few fortunate enough to escape in time watched in terror as their former home vanished before their eyes. The shockwave sent them through the air, scattering them all over the world, where they were lost.
As for the tower, it vanished in the massive explosion, leaving nothing more than a charred crater and a small ragged piece of paper, with a few words written on it:
“This Age is over. From this moment forth, Babel is gone from the streams of time.”
And so it ended, a dream gone astray, a vision that turned into a nightmare…
Centuries later, not even the ancient name remained in the memory of men…

Very nice. Love the imagery of the destruction of the tower. Is this going to be a serial?

Very nice descriptions.

Originally posted by Manus Dei
The whole world revolted itself against

I think you mean “The whole world itself revolted against”, though. Otherwise it doesn’t really make sense.

Unless the world thought itself revolting. ^_-

But the way he said it, it still wouldn’t make sense.

My mistake. Excessive typing speed can result in little accidents.

That’s some deep stuff Manus. Very good.

best retelling of the TOB’s fate EVER.

Which Tower? Don’t tell me King Arthur and co. actually managed to get through the walls…

Huh? We’re talking about the Tower of Bable, as in the bible.

Also used for the senseless forum that now has been deleted.

Nice work, Manus :slight_smile:

bows You’re too kind. I merely tried to express the demise of a fading dream. But I’m glad you liked it!:smiley:

It was very apt. Nice one.:wave:

Until one day.

Other than that, very well put together. That doesn’t go right… It’s not a full sentence. Either make the period a comma (and the U isn’t capitalized, IIRC) and run it on, or find some other way to fix it.

The imagery seemed to be a bit shallow - sort of one sentence descriptions for everything.

Meh, it’s pretty good.