The Kunoichi Has Arrived!

Careful what you call people, dude. :slight_smile:

And yeah! Wai! I’ve never actually MET you, just seen…your representation, I’ll call it that. ^^;;, but that was really cool n’stuff. Welcome (cough) to RPGC!


-Mazrim Taim

Heh…so SonicBomber…you want a piece of me, do ya? I don’t trust people with bombs…I just bet you lit it, didn’t you?

Yes, I am hyper…but not hyper enough to summon Pikachus…:sweatdrop:

lol Kasumi dont worry i dont need any trouble plus the bomb i gave you is unlit so use it at your own risk >:) (dont worry it isnt defected).

Erm…okay…Takes the bomb and puts it away Thanks, I guess…:sweatdrop:

<img src=“”> …stupid Pikawil. Oh yeah, tell the old man that my sprite is still twenty centuries off in his site.

<img src=“”> What is it Rirse…don’t you like me anymore? Mwauhauhhuauhhuhu.

<img src=“”> takes off costume Ugh…damn old spirtes.

Greetings; Welcome to the RPGClassics Agora.

Is not some person trying to make a thread like “rate the signature above your message”?

Meh. Good luck, read the agora rules, and I have nothing to talk about.

Hi, all you guys! And why do people keep saying ‘old man’? The only old man I know is Gen-Fu…maybe Bass…(Tina would lvoe me for saying that…) :hahaha;


<img src=“”> The old man is the man with the helmet and mask I think.

<img src=“”> Should I tell her about Ultros and Gilgamesh or am I giving stuff away?

There’s no-one like that in Dead or Alive…unless it’s a different game your on about…then I am clueless…:sweatdrop:


Hmmmm. new user. makes a tick on her list
user name…hmm…quite well known. makes a tick on her list avvie…passes. makes a tick on her list sig…could need improvement, but also passes. makes a tick on her list favorite movie and game… very good, love both of them. favorite music… at least not pop. makes several ticks on her list

Welcome to the <strike>RPGC slave market</strike> RPGC agora, enjoy your stay.

Erm…hello, Dragon’s Tear! Yeah…my sig’s not all that great because I can’t and don’t know how to make my own.

Changed my avvie!


Another newbie, huh? sighs Where’d i leave my shovel? trudges off to go look for her shovel

Oh, and I’m Val, former hyperactive teenage girl, now an upright citizen in good standing among the peoples. Post intelligently. That’s al I ask.


Kunoichi means female ninja for those who don’t know.

*passes Kunoichi a handgun

It’s to protect yourself from people like TD

Welcome, I’m new here as well. :wave:

runs up and hugs Kasumi
Sohee and I were Lei-Fang and Hitomi earlier >_>

Originally posted by Sohee
[b]Hi Kasumi!!


;; ;; ;_;

Hello, I’m Strong Bad … and you don’t know it yet, but I’m the reason you’re here.

I’m Yar Kramer. I make excessive jokes on any given subject, and my catchphrase is “Because the Humor demands it!”

I’m Mayl. I keep Yar in check with my mallet.

I am Vegeta, the super Saiyan! Bow down before my –

And I’m Morrigan. I’m here because Lilith didn’t feel like glomping you at the moment.


hi will you bear my child, Kasumi? :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to RPGC.

Originally posted by demigod
And <strike>hold on to</strike> give ahkeeyuu your shoes.


Good morrow, Kasumi.

bows in the Italian Renaissance fashion

hiya… welcome to this… uhm how to name… madhouse??