The Kunoichi Has Arrived!

Greetings, people of the RPGClassics Agora! I am Kasumi, Kunoichi of the Ninjutsu style! And no, I am not the Kasumi from Dead or Alive, though I wish I was, so this is not a figment of your imagination…or is it? :Evil Laughter: :mwahaha:

:Ahem: Anyway…My real identity is known by a few people here, but for those who don’t know me, feel free to say hello!


Kunoichi? I’ll be damned if that doesn’t ring a bell. :stuck_out_tongue: You don’t know me but I’m your biggest fan! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: How is the <font color=“blue”>old man</font> doing nowadays?

-Mazrim Taim


Hm…the ‘old man’…which one are you referring to? ^.~ :hahaha;


I colored his name. :stuck_out_tongue:

-Mazrim Taim

Hm…I think I follow…if so, he’s broken a few more of the bones in his back! ^.~ And no, it’s not because of me…:shifty eyes:

Aw…I’ve got a fan! :yipee:

Certainly not me, however it’s a warm welcome you’ll get here, as Deckard Cain said so well: Stay a while and listen.

Aw…oh well…can’t impress everyone! ^.~

I love the comic-thing in your sig, Zero! :hahaha;


Hi Kasumi!!


Hi, Sohee!! Hoi, hoi!

Hm…what’s that in the spoiler…? :frustration:

It’s ok, no one else will get it, but I bet half the people here think they do but don’t really know.


Pleased ta metcha anyways, Sohee!! Wait…didn’t I already say that…? :thud:



There was a “Kunoichi” in FARTS. And this “old man”…could he be who I think he is? Could this be…her?

…damn, this mysteriousness is SO not me. Time for my usualy welcome.

Welcome to RPGC. Here, have a cookie.



Enjoy your stay.

Salve! Welcome and hello! And hold on to your shoes. You’ll see what I mean.

Umm, are you going to reply to every individual post? That could get overwhelming, for all concerned.

No!! Kasumi from Dead or Alive 2 and 3!! Doesn’t my signature and profile give it away?? And I ain’t eating no cookie of doom, mister!! p:unch::

Meh…I only reply 'cause I’m bored…doing assignments really does that to you…:yawns:

Hold onto my shoes?? Whatever you say…


C’mon! Don’t you want my cookie? It’s made with love…and DOOOM! MWEE HEE HEE!


sneaks away

Erm…no thanks…what do you take me for? I’m no fool! Don’t believe me? Come here…I won’t bite…often…p:unch::

:Evil Laughter: :mwahaha:


Heh looks like we got another hyper newbie on or hands oh well it will be fun:yipee:

Hello and welcome to Rpgc im sonicbomber but you can call me sb
here, take this bomb i make in my shop for free but be carefull how you use it >:).

<img src=“”> Greeting, I am Rirse DeBlood, luckless hero and the…who I am kidding, forget the intro. If you are who you are, then I bet you seen me in the old man show getting killed by the dark old man. :smiley: To see if it really you, I will summon a pikachu.

<img src=“”> Gah, I am sorry to tell you that I am the only pikachu here.

Gemini: Hello. If you want, you can look at this theory of Molar Mass.
Joey: You’ve beciome obsessed with the stuff. It’s not even a theory.
Gemini: It’s about moles.

I’m just saying hi. You don’t have to look at the deal.

It’s dying. Thus this may be the last time I do it.