The King of Sales is Dead! Long Live the King!

After 22 years of being on the top Super Mario Bros. is no longer the highest selling game of all time. The title has now been passed down to this guy.

Doesn’t that thing actually come WITH the damn console?

Super Mario Bros came with the console, too :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, what? Aren’t there a lot of games that have FAR surpassed SMB by now? Like, say, Final Fantasy VII?


Which is why it’s so impressive.

If I remember correctly SMB3 still holds the title of highest-selling non-bundled game of all time.

Good job buddy, your link’s broken.

Not even close. SMB shifted forty million units, it was thought at least no game could even scratch that record. Obviously that was a mistake. :slight_smile:

Non-broken link

I can’t believe Pokemon sold more than Tetris.

I don’t trust this source. Their link for ps3 vs xbox vs wii is pretty badly informed. The fact they don’t include Halo 3 in the list is ridiculous.

Not surprising, but I’m amazed it actually beat out SMB. But on that note, the Wii’s on pace to outsell the PSX and PS2 pretty soon (and in such a short time).

Also, 40 million units is a lot. I personally can’t think of a game that’s come remotely close to that. SMB3 is still one of the best selling single video games, coming in at 18 million units (right behind SMB for NES games sold).

As for Pokemon vs. Tetris, that depends on how you match it up (there’s like 8 Pokemon games for GB/GBC: R/G/B/Y/G/S/C). Btw, FFVII had around 9.8 million units sold.

That and I think Kill’s right about SMB3 being the best single selling video game (the list I’m looking at has two games above it, but they have like 3 or 5 versions of the game - Pokemon and Nintendogs).

Wikipedia puts Tetris at 33 million units sold, but as this is wikipedia, your mileage may vary…

Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow apparently weigh in at around 18 million combined. More impressive are all 5 Nintendogs variations coming in at just over 20 million.

40 million? Are you sure? That sounds like bullshit to me. SMB was huge, but it was huge in a time when gaming in general was niche. By now, unless you’re still only counting its first week, FF7’s gotta be at 100+ million. I’ve bought it like 4 times myself. You can pick random people on the street and 7/10 of them have probably owned it at one point.


I’m with Sin, I smell some shit here. A few buckets of it. I just don’t know where it is.

Does it help that there are more people today and gaming culture has sprawled over generations since the time SMB came out?

If you compare sales to market size, SMB MIGHT be the more successful game, but there’s no way it’s beating today’s blockbuster games in absolute sales, especially not in the same time frame. No fucking dice.

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Good job buddy, your link’s broken.

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I’m with Sin, I smell some shit here. A few buckets of it. I just don’t know where it is.

I’m tempted to agree with the both of you here. That link worked fine this afternoon, but if 1up took it down, there may have been a reason for it. However I’m quite certain that SMB was the best-selling game (bundling be damned) for the last 20 odd years. I have seen throughout publications over the years that game sited as the highest selling at 40.24 million copies sold (I’m going to cite the book GameBoys (Not too sure about the title’s spelling though. That could be a ‘z’ instead of an ‘s’ and there could be a space in between.) as a source for that figure and I know I’ve seen it elsewhere but usually in magazines or in other publications that I can’t think of right now). Besides SMB came out at a time where there hadn’t been any game like it before then and there really wasn’t anything that could match it for awhile after.

Also another non-broken (as of yet) link. This time to the site making the claim in question, VGCharts.

Anyway, I saw the other day -and failed to bookmark it- that Nintendo released the total number of Wiis sold and it was bigger than the wiki number of N64s (which is cool, as sales of NES>SNES>N64>GC) but significantly smaller than the sales of SNES. If we can find that press announcement we’ll roughly have Wii Sports’s ceiling.

The NES sold something like 60 million units and SMB was bundled with most of them. SMB3 was probably only bundled right at the end of the NES’s lifetime- bear in mind it only came out a year and a half before the SNES so most people by then were likely to have owned a NES already.

100 million for FF7? Unlikely. 10 million would be much closer to the mark and even that’s optimistic. bear in mind there were only around 100 million PS1s sold worldwide, and also consider the average North American/European consumer would be much more likely to buy the latest Madden/FIFA and wouldn’t go anywhere near FF7 or FFanything. RPG players are not nearly as widespread as they, well, should be.

I meant if SMB had 40 million sales, by comparing the relative popularity of FF7, you’d get a number like 100 million. If you’re gonna throw in bundle sales, I may as well throw in second-hand sales, which quite frankly are a lot more legitimate.

Calling any bundled game the best selling game of all time is bullshit. If you can’t buy a console without buying the game, the game isn’t deserving of a best selling list, period. Calling SMB the best selling game of all time after 1997 is a joke. I’m not saying FF7 is, but come on, if you think it sold less on its own merit than SMB, you’re fucking with your own head. There isn’t a living human on this planet over 13 who doesn’t know who Cloud is.

I’m not arguing FF7 was an insanely popular game and I agree including bundled games in the list is somewhat dodgy, but that’s just the way it is with these things, unfortunately. Also, you’re underestimating just how big SMB was in its day. SMB in the late 80s made Halo look like Space Giraffe in terms of overreaching popularity.

Let me assure you though that most of the CoD/Halo playing 13-19 demographic couldn’t give a singular shit about Cloud or any of the other characters. Insanely popular game absolutely, mass appeal- more so than most RPGs but very much seen by the youth of today as ‘retro’ and ‘niche’. Think about it- when FF7 came out these 13-year olds would’ve been 2.

That’s right. SMB back in the late 80s was what Pokemon was in the late 90s/early00s.

I still have old episodes of the Super mario super show.