The King of Fanfiction

Note: The following is a combination of sleep deprivation, the mother of all sugar highs, and fatigue from chasing Weiila about the next update.

As we all know, Weiila is our queen of fanfiction. Ever since Maz dropped into the background, she has been the major influence behind everything. TD is now working on the section as well, but has yet to make a real impact.

However, we need to name a King of Fanfiction. Even though it will be only a title, as Weiila still holds absolute power (like all women do), but having a king doesn’t hurt. Besides, that person can go around and demand that people bow and pay homage. That’s always fun.

Anyway, here are the candidates, as I see it.

Mazrim Taim

Pros: He was around the fanfic section since who knows when. For a long time, he was the sole power there, ruling the library with absolute power. All trembled before his might iron fist. He’s also pretty smart.

Cons: He hasn’t been seen snooping around a lot. It’s a small miracle to see him AT ALL nowadays. It’s unlikely that he would be able to fulfill his duties.

Tenchimaru Dracones (doubt I got it right)

Pros: He’s the newest updater at the fanfiction section. Everyone loves him, and loves making fun of him. He’s also a horse…or is it a pony? Either way, transportation is solved.

Cons: He’s a horse/pony. He also hasn’t been around as long as a lot of others have, and thus has the least experience.


Pros: By right of love, that is. Star is Weiila’s honey, so he has to be in here. Besides, he can write, and is a nice guy all around.

Cons: He’s a cat. That’s good usually, but I know a lot of people who don’t like cats…and would like to kill them (barbarians!).

d Galloway (ME!!!)

Pros: He has more fanfics here than anyone else. He also has a small following, even though it pales in comparison to everyone else. Also, he has minor control over Weiila.

Cons: Very few outside of the media forum know who he is. He’s a bit on the angry side. He’s also really short (5’4").


Pros: Well…she’s the current ruler. She might not want to share her title’s priviledges with anyone else.

Cons: SHE’S A GIRL! GIRLS ARE QUEENS! is mobbed by an army of femenists

If anyone else wants to become king, then please do say so.

I know nominate Kaiser.

PROS: Damn funny, excellent writer.

CONS: The funny can be become the insane.

And you could have made this into a poll.

What about Martinez?

PROS: RPGC’s oldest member, meaning he is experianced and wise Also, he is a fair critic.

CONS: RPGC’s oldest member. He’s ancient by gaming forum terms… can he live much longer. (Just joking, Wil… really, I am.)

And, I also nominate Valkyrie Esker:

PROS: It’s Val… do I need to list them? And, she falls under the same girl clause as Weiilia.

CONS: I think d already mentioned it in Weiilia’s cons… and, I know how savage feminists can get, so I will not repeat it here.

I’d comment, but I’m rolling around on the floor laughing at the cons. Don’t forget Archone and Ersatz, they have their merits too chuckles But I’d rather let them talk for themselves.

If you want to ask me, the king of RPG fanfiction would be Frank Verderosa.

Me? King of fanfiction? Hardly.

While being king IS nice, I really only have two fics up (and abotu five unfinished) and I really don’t think I’m QUITE that good.

Originally posted by Sephiroth Hayes
And you could have made this into a poll.

Hey, that’s a good idea! I might do that after a couple days!

Okay, so we have the following:

Mazrim Taim
d Galloway
Wilfredo Martinez
Valkyrie Esker
Sephiroth Hayes

Oh, and I guess I should clarify that this is the King of RPGC Fanfiction. I guess that’s important.

Meeee! I nominate me! >_>

So, should I do the poll now or wait for some last-minute entries?

I nominate me. Why? God only knows. I’ll lose right away, whee!

PROS: Very little. Has some humorous fanfics.

CONS: Very many. Lesse, his best fic is down right now, he sucks, has no fics on RPGC, plsu who would vote for him over better people?

What a way to get people to vote for you Dante:hahaha;

Shh, I’m using reverse psychology.

This is going to be a very hard decision, since I like a lot of the stuff done, by many of those writers!

So which to choose? goes to have a think

May as well nominate myself while im browsing the board, although i doubt ill win as im fairly unknown to most (especially outside the Media forum).

Pros - errr im English …and we tend to make good kings (i think), i also write fanfics about FF1 (a rariety it seems).

Cons - Updates tend to be far between, early works are abominations of literature…and im sorta not well known.

Bah…im not even sure if i would vote for me

I vote for Mazrim. Come on guys, it’s Mazrim Tain for chrissakes!

I tried to make a poll. Unfortunately, there can only be ten options in a poll, and there are thirteen nominees. So, I am left with few options:

  1. Let the voting actually happen in the thread.
  2. Try to find some way around the problem (it has happened)
  3. Give up on the idea altogether.
  4. Become a hopeless drug addict, have sex with various barnyard animals, and finally die a bitter and broken shell of a man.

2, then 3, then 4. Then get reincarnated and do 4 again.

1 and 2 would probably be the best solutions, or perhaps 4?

Weiila told me about this whole “quest for the monarchy” thing, and I was a little surprised(especially since I don’t usually frequent this forum). I’m VERY flattered that someone nominated me, but I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be doing about it.

Since it’s about who’s the King of “fanfiction”… why not base the nomination on who can do the best fanfic, based on a given topic? Either a fanfic with ourselves in the lead role, or based on the same RPG for all?

Although, if we chose the latter, please select an RPG that all the contestants have played. I have largely ignored all the FFs since VIII, for example, but I have played esoteric Genesis, NES, and PC RPGs that many have never heard of. I wouldn’t mind doing a fanfic based on Septerra Core or Freedom Force(does that qualify as an RPG?), but how many people even know who Maya is, or care about the Minuteman’s patriotic values(straight from the first half of the 20th century) being offended by the “peacenik” movement of the 60’s?

(Minuteman is set upon by a pretty-if somewhat disheveled- hippy girl with beads and an anti war pamphlet)
“Make love, not war, flag dude!”
“For Freedom’s sake, lass! Save the love for the bonds of matrimony!”
“Hey, man, don’t go on a power trip…”
(Starting to remind everyone within earshot of his true age)
“And while you’re at it, clean yourself up, whippersnapper! How do you expect to find a husband looking like an unmade bed?”
(and is promptly set upon by a outraged pack of feminists, Gloria Steinem leading the charge, bra ablaze in her clenched fist…)

That, however, would involve hard work.