/!\ The King of Braves is licensed /!\

I honestly don’t know what to think. Many had ruled this out as impossible, given some of the shenanigans that Takara has allegedly pulled with the license (Demanding that the 7 other Yuusha shows be part of the deal, some mess about toy rights, etc). Right now I can only hope they do a good job with it. Assuming they don’t jack things up horribly I most definitely will have to own these disks.

I’m finally watching some of this and there’s something I have to ask: Is Guy going to do that over-the-top yell for every goddamn action forever? I know super robot pilots shout their attacks, but the man is just plain loud.

Guy is to hotblooded super robot pilots what Shinji is to whiny ass, angsty, emo pilots. In other words HIKARI NI NAREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

I don’t mind the actual yelling, but the dragging. Instead of FUUU-SION! he goes FUUUUUUUUUUUSIOOOOOOOOoooooooonnnnnnnn until it almost turns into a shrilly scream.

Awesome news! I’ll definitely buy these :smiley:

SE: I think his yelling increases both in volume and length as the series goes on >_>

Guy’s Voice actor is awesome. I still am amazed everytime I hear that last Hikari Ni Nare in FINAL.