/!\ The King of Braves is dubbed /!\ :O

The highlights:

FYUUUUUUUUUUUUUUJON is now “Initating Fusiooooon” and needs to change back fast.

The narrator gets on my nerves.

Kotaro Taiga is not Yami Yugi, dammit.

Mamoru = Ash Ketchum

“Gemu Giru Gan Go Gufo” sounds rather odd in English, especially when the VA’s voice suddenly gets a lot deeper

Gai sounds like he’s trying too hard.

The narrator says shit like GaoGaiGrrrrrrrrrrrrr

The whole cast needs more hotblood.

so long as the DVDs come with a Japanese audio track i don’t care :slight_smile:

Looks like the “4Kids” VA group is doing Gaogaigar. I wonder if that means Nail may be voiced by Maddie Blaustein?

Cast (so far)
Gai Shisho: Michael Sinterniklaas (Mahad/Dark Magician, YGO)
Mamoru: Veronica Taylor (Ash, Pokemon)
Taiga Kotaro: Dan Green (Demon Eyes Kyo, Samurai Deeper Kyo)
Penchinon: Jamie McGonnigal (Thunder, YGO GX)

Super Robo dubs never tend to go over well (in the US that is, some italian ones aren’t too bad, ex. Mazinger Z, italian Kouji sounds VERY close to the original). I wasn’t really expecting much different in GaoGaiGar.

Gonna stick to the subs for this one. D:

And Gai can’t be duplicated by anyone else. :noway: