The Japanese have robots. End times are nigh.



I want one. OH LORD I WANT ONE

JOY!!! Can one of those get up in a decent speed?

Geez, is that thing real? o.O

Nice paintball guns. And moonwalking action!


My fifteen-year-old dreams of having a Mad Cat are realized.

Link doesn’t work

The link works for me. Heh, and Japan says it has no military.

That thing WALKS!?


This is all an effort so Japanese cosplayers will be superior to American ones.

Looks like a Goliath from StarCraft.

Oooo. Finally!

That’s right, you could use some of these, right? :hahaha;

Now that looks rather impressive.

Looks like we might be to seeing the new age of weaponry. Then again maybe not.

remote control + military = not good

All you have to do is find the RF, and with a powerful transmitter, you can jam it.

Japan hasnt had a military for about 60 years… i wonder why.

Where does it say its remote controlled? It clearly has a person sitting inside it, and the whole site is in Japanese.

Unstable though it may be, interesting to see Japan is interested in developing the next generation of military hadware.

unless they have some serious business making that thing stand, it looks like it would topple with one tank shell. i realize that this little guy isnt meant for combat or anything, but it seems like the difficulties of walking bipedal combat robots preclude their usefullness in a military sense.