The Jak Trilogy

I’ve beaten all three games, in a combined total of two months, has anyone else beaten them that fast? I was just wondering.

Five weeks, then I returned them… I found these WAY too easy!


I only played the first game, but I remember it being really fun. :slight_smile:

Yes, I think I beat them all in less than two months and I’m still battling an acute obsession with them. I love 'em. The characters are just… rar! :slight_smile:

And there’s two more games in the works, one racing game and one mysterious PSP title starring only Daxter. The second one is just rumored, though.

Because we all know that the one thing world needs more of is mascot-based kart racing games.

I wonder why other companies even bother when everybody knows that nothing can even come close to Mario Kart…

Diddy Kong Racing was pretty close to Mario Kart’s level. If only the 1P mode weren’t so hard, and if only they didn’t use that awful “upgrading” power-up system that’s been plaguing kart games.


Just a question, is it just me, or are Insomniac and Naughty Dog running almost exactly parrelel (Can’t spell it right) in realeasing games?

I think that they are run by the same group, so that doesnt surprise me.

Smells fishy

Lol I don’t know about that dude! Ashlein and Tess are both Rowl!

If you’ve seen some recent picky that Weilia’s done, you’ll understand my line.