The inevitable "I'm Back" thread.


I’m back.

Alright, the holiday was alright, I guess, the location was nice and all, and the bars were pretty nice. I spent most of the day sitting in the Jacuzzi, or playing my GBA, or down at the arcade or some bar someplace, playing Metal Slug. I left my mark on most high score tables with GIL, and I got most of the bars in town.

Most of the food was good, all of it was good actually. I’ve never had so many good meals in a fortnight. Most of it was pizza or pasta actually, but I did try some Portuguese food, and the dessert was excellent, we ate in Itallian restaurants mostly, because my parents weren’t scared of them, I’d never tasted a tiramissu before, I ate about 3 last week. Since my parents were in charge though (they had the money), they refused to eat in anyplace I would’ve eaten, like Japenese restaurants, and there was an Australlian restaurant selling Kangaroo, Crocodile and Ostrich fillet, stuff like that scares them well off though.

Any questions?

Mmm… Roo.

Welcome back Gil. Chat wasn’t the same without ya.

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘Mmmm, Portugese.’

Dude, you spend two weeks in Portugal and you go to non-portuguese restaurants and spend a lot of time playing. Things that you could have done at home. shakes head.

Oh I had plenty Portuguese food too. My parents are scared of the stuff though, and there’s Itallian restaurants all over the place.

I played Metal Slug at the arcades, cause I can’t play that at home.

Huh? Why can’t you play Metal Slug in UK?

It’s an arcade game, and I’ve never found any place that has it.

you get any suviners?:moogle:

Welcome back Gil. Now get back to work.

Get a haircut you hippy. (WB)


I assure you; the “I’m Back” thread is wholly avoidable.

Now, you say that, but you have to ask yourself: Is it really? You know that deep within yourself you know the answer is no.

But then you realize it is.

…Right. Welcome back.