The Indy Movie Thread: Radiers of the Lost Franchise!

Well somebody’s got to do it, but anywho…

It wasn’t a bad movie, but I do have to warn all future viewers (or at least reiterate) to turn off your cell phones and your disbelief at the door. It goes pretty out there (with at least a ‘Total WTF!!!’ moment or two as well).

I’ll keep the spoilers down to a minimum’ but there are three things I have to say about this movie. First, it’s far more like Last Crusade than Temple of Doom as in there are plenty of tongue in cheek moments (as well as a couple of good one-liners), but it was also pretty damn tame too as nobody exploded or melted and only one guy was shot in the foot (though there was one disintegration and two who were devoured alive).

Second, sadly it did seem that the best fight scene (though not for reasons of stamina) went to the boy (I don’t know how to spell his name and I’m not going to bother looking it up). It should be noted though that the rest went to Indy. Of course none of this matters since they really curtailed the violence in this one.

And finally, (and this is more of a request than a point) does anyone know where I can find scenes from this movie in either small .gifs, large Thumbnails, or a well-sized .jpg for either my avatar (or failing that my sig)?

Also, lol Indy’s entrance.

I was curious from the beginning. They were talking about Indiana’s military service… I didn’t know he served - and they called him a Colonel! Wild!

Shia Lebouf (?) was great. His role was different from what I expected. Oh - and yes, there are at least several true “WTF” moments.

As I recall from the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, he served in World War 1 at a young age.

Were those movies? Books?

A tv series, ran in the mid-90’s. Starred him from a young boy, all the way up to his mid-twenties, I think. I only saw a few episodes. THe one I remember the most was his time spent in India as a child.

I watched it last night with my mom - there definitely are some WTF? moments, but I thought it was a lot of fun. There always have been elements of the supernatural/mysterious sort in the movies, so going where they did was sort of logical in a weird way.

One more thing - Indy is SO lucky that refrigerator didn’t land door-down. How would he get out of that one?

I just saw it, and I am utterly awesomed out. Seriously. Just from the first few minutes- gunpowder magnet yayyy!- I couldn’t have been happier.
Shia Labeouf was great, and, erm, totally sexy, if you don’t mind my saying. The return of Mariam Ravenwood was great, and the ensuing dialogue was quite the treat.
I thought Mac’s stock role as the greedy betrayer was the only really disappointing bit.
The things I predicted ahead of time: “They weren’t you,” (word for word, actually), Mutt being Indy’s son, and the temple being a GIANT FRICKIN’ SPACESHIP WHOO. Didn’t make them any less fun, though.
All during the car chase in the jungle, I was literally on the edge of my seat. Like, literally. That has never happened to me before. But I was leaning forward, the whole time, with an expression approximately like this: =DDDDDD.
Seriously. Happy face TIMES 6.
There was some great laugh-out-loud scenes: The entire campus chase sequence, starting with the fight in the bar; the snake/quicksand scene; and Indy being interviewed by the Red Scarish government agents. That was probably only funny for me because I recognized the tall one instantly as the Janitor from Scrubs. This put me in a squee-induced high for several minutes, which is lucky, because I’m sure the scene would have dragged otherwise.

…alright, I’m verbally exhausted for now. But it probably won’t last. I have to say, I was really blown away- in a totally good way- by this movie. Absolutely worth it.

Well I saw the movie and it was really fun,however the thing that makes me laugh,and at the same time makes me go WTF is The Law of the chase:no matter how fast you go even in a ROCKET PROPELLED RAILROAD!!! they will always catch up.

Corny, but fun, kinda like the others. Worth seeing.

The film was OK. But for a while, I felt like I was watching video game cut-scenes patched together. I think that there was almost an hour of CGIs tacked into this flick.

It looks likemy ex-bosses want to boycott the “Crystal Skull”.
Funny that I mentioned on the Iron Man thread how Russkies/Soviets were Hollywood’s favorite villains; and here we go again with Spielberg “starting another Cold War”.
That’s it! I will clip on my Little Octobrist badge, put on my “Che” sweatshirt, grab my hammer & sickle flag, and go picket the local movie theater. I had enough of Ford and Blanchett - “capitalist puppets, second-rate actors serving as the running dogs of the CIA”.

Just kiddingski

Don’t worry, Seifer, a whip-brandishing archaeologist can’t estrange children worldwide from the people’s hero*.

There was a lolworthy comment (“we didn’t send no ruthless terrists, honest!”) but the beaten and despised comment was a bit wtf.

*though, technically, aren’t there more mushrooms than Marios, meaning Mario is some kind of Menshevik?

Thought it was okay, but I found Speed Racer to be way more interesting.

As always, my inner history nerd was thrilled by all the little historical details throughout the movie. And I fecking knew the Ark was in Area 51! My childhood suspicions are acknowledged! XD