The idiocy that is Bioware

I just bought Shadows of Undrentide (The NWN Expansion), and when I open the box, ABSOLUTELY NO CD KEY! I check the site, and apparently something misprinted when they were doing the manuals and the CD Keys didn’t get printed on them so they stuck them on red pieces of paper. Well gee, I didn’t fucking get one in my copy. They really fucked up good. Right now I’m waiting on a reply to an e-mail I sent.

Considering all the GOOD things Bioware has done, it’s not a real reflection of how the company preforms. It’s a simple accident, and they’ll get things fixed up. Just relax, Xelo.

Has anyone else noticed that Xelo has really bad luck? I’m noticing a trend here.

I think Xelo just wants attention and tends to over-exaggerate everything in order to compensate for insecurities.

I think… dammit sin, you beat me to it.

I think that BioWare’s quality control is, ehm, lacking to put it nicely.

It’s quite clear that someone is conspiring against Xelopheris, and effectively framing bad luck: They even have Epicgamer fooled.

I think Xelopheris is just horribly pissed off right now, and instead of causing something physical damage: He decided to vent it here.

After a few emails back and forth with Bioware, proving that I actually purchased the game, I was sent a CD Key.

Oh, and SoU absolutely fucking r0x0rz. I’ve got an Assassin that can cast darkness then do Invisible/Ghostly Visage combo and deal 140 damage per hit thanks to 9d6 Sneak attack with my dual-rogue class

It’s sorta funny 'cuz if anyone else had posted this, there would’ve been a completely different reaction :stuck_out_tongue: Xelo’s really made a distinctive reputation :stuck_out_tongue: