The Hurt Locker

Well, since The Hurt Locker was all the buzz at the Oscars, I decided to see it (bootleg movies are pretty easy to get out here). The copy I have is actually very good. The thing is, I’m watching it and it is boring. Plus, the movie is so off base, it is laughable. Granted, I’m not EOD, but I’ve used EOD a couple of times and worked with them. Hell, one of the missions that they have in the movie is a call I’ve done before. However, it plays out impractically and completely unrealistically. I’m not quite seeing the buzz about the movie. I’m mean, it has some interesting parts, but still. Granted it takes place at a different time and place of Iraq, but it is so far off base, it trancends all differences. Anyway, just had to say that.

As for me, things are going fine out here. Luckily it has slowed significantly since the elections ended. Although, I think if I have one more glass of Chai I’m gonna puke.

I was wondering about you. Now I know, and knowing is half the battle…for me anyway.


Cless knows, and knowing that knowing is half the battle is half the battle.

Yeah, it has been pretty busy with the elections. However, with the elections over, things have slowed significantly. I’m having to come up with things to do. It is sort of funny.

I certainly believe you. My Spanish textbooks saved me from inordinate boredom

It’s been given the Hollywood treatment. Things are supposed to be more dramatic and have a suspension of reality. In Canada we’re hearing a lot about IED’s killing soldiers. Then this movie comes out written by a guy who was embedded with a Canadian unit about people whose job is to stop these kinds of attacks. It draws a crowd.

I didn’t find it too compelling myself but I didn’t find it boring either. By the end I got the idea that it was about a guy who realizes through war that his purpose in life is to be at war.

balance a rifle on you nose while balancing other rifles on your palms…while somebody is shooting at your feat going ‘Dance! Yaaaahaa, dance for me!’

Avatar > The Hurt Locker.

That being said, I enjoyed it. While watching it, I thought it a little odd that every call they got ended up in an epic gun battle or major explosion. However, I also suppose that since it’s drawn out over a year-long deployment, and we only care about the action-y parts as concumers anyway, that that would be the case.

The movie was only a two month period for the main character.

Concumers, nice one.

Please excuse my spelling. It’s final’s week for me and I haven’t had any solid sleep for the last 3 days.

It wasn’t so much the way the situations ended, it was more how they got there. The team leader was horrible and reckless. He wasn’t really a leader and he didn’t seem to be real. Also, an EOD team would never drive anywhere alone, without an escort. Yet, in the movie, they are driving to the sites alone, clearing areas, providing security, etc. That isn’t EOD’s job, that is the unit on the ground’s job. I’ve used EOD a couple of times (not for IEDs, for other stuff) and we always have a platoon escort them and then we secure EOD while they do their thing. EOD doesn’t secure themselves. Hell, we usually need to secure the area before EOD will even go out. Don’t get me wrong, EOD is a cool group of guys (I’ll bullshit with them when I see them), but they are nothing like the ones in the movie. Also, the whole thing near the end where the 3 of them go out to find the bomber(s) was way off. You never go anywhere alone. I didn’t understand why they split up. As for the action, in the time period that the movie took place, it was pretty hot, especially in Baghdad. However, now it is pretty good. So I won’t fault them for being in gun fights and bombings every time.

I thought you did it on purpose as one of those ‘I hate walmart’ kind of people jokes.

If you were to compare any piece of art ever to whatever it’s realism is trying to portray you will find it is retardedly off. Any drug film I’ve seen ever completely misses in respect to… uhh how real the film tries to be. The only thing I’ve ever seen that was even kind of close was Candy and that fucker is dead so what does that tell you

Another response with just a picture

I’ve got what you are saying. I guess this was just the first military film that was so far off base, that it was hard to watch. Such as I saw Jarhead and it made sense and I could relate. Full Metal Jacket was off, but it was a different time and had the right spirit. Black Hawk Down has it right on the military side, but different from some of the actual events. Hell, even Stop-Loss was fairly close, if not stupid.

I think that Hackers the Movie is a perfect representation of the way the Internet looks irl

I fap to everything in that movie. Especially that leather jacket.

A must-see film with gripping performances and vivid evocation of urban warfare in Iraq.what are are you engineer wanna be-- were you in Iraq, I bet you you were in Baghdad hanging out at the taco bell, half of you people don’t even leave the base.