The Hot New Game

So, some friends and I were watching “I Love the 80s” the other day, when we noticed that they’d show love scenes from 80s movies. Someone mentioned that “there’s no one [they’d] less like to see in a sex scene,” so we decided to trump it. It quickly evolved into a game that we like to call the “people you’d never ever ever like to see in a sex scene game.” Here’s the rules:

<B>1.</B> You MUST list a pair. Sure, you may think it’s funny to say one name, but it’s much harder to find another name that fits with that one, and doesn’t decrease the comedy value.
<B>2.</B> You MUST list a boy-girl pair, even if one or both members of the pair are in reality homosexual. It’s just funnier that way, and it doesn’t lead to as many boy-boy copouts.
<B>3.</B> No fictional characters. This was a later rule we added when we realized that we were going to far into them. You can, however, list “the guy who played,” etc. Also acceptable is “Dan Ackroyd, SNL era” to specify an age of the person, especially if they look drastically different now than they used to.
<B>4.</B> NO ANIMATED CHARACTERS. They rules out video game characters, your favorite anime stars, and Jessica Rabbit.
<B>5.</B> Try not to repeat celebrities. This rule isn’t cast in stone, but it’s a lot funnier when things are kept in the mix. If you don’t know who one of these celebrities are, instead of asking here, go to <A HREF=“”>IMDB</A>, or <A HREF=“”>Wikipedia</A> and look them up. If you still don’t get the joke, it probably wasn’t for you.
<B>6.</B> They must be celebrities of some regard, or at least people that you can back up with a link to information about them. Attaching URLs to IMDB or some other site would be helpful on the particularly obscure ones.

That’s pretty much it for rules. I’ll amend them if I must, but other than that, it’s free reign, guys. Just mention a pair, and away we go. I’ll get us started.

Gene Shalit and Uma Thurman

Janet Reno and John Ashcroft

Great. You took away the best one =(

Terry Schiavo and the former pope =p

Someone came up with Terri Schaivo and Christopher Reeve earlier. :smiley:

Anyway, one of my favorites:

Frankie Muniz and Bea Arthur.

also, while I’m at it,

Bobcat Goldthwait and Sally Struthers.

<a href=“”>Verne Troyer</a> and <a href=“”>Margo Dydek</a>.

Actually, I’d very much like to see a sex scene with those two.

Chris Farley and Rosie 'o Donnel.

me and your mom

That’s freaking hilarious, Hiryuu. And, charle, that’s both witty and original.

Rick Moranis and Kathy Kinney

Actually, now that I look at your sig…
Mr. Saturn (not a specific one) and a mumin ( ). Or something. o.o

Rip Taylor and Ann Coulter

Gene Hackman and either Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen.

… ew

<img src=“”> Richard Simons and Hilary Clinton.

Ellen DeGeneres and RuPaul.

John Stamos and Mary Kate/Ashley Olsen (they’re really just the same person, aren’t they?)

Richard Whiteley and Lisa Riley

Michael Jackson and Brooke Shields

Golda Meir and Boutros Boutros Ghali

Ghandi and Joan of Arc

Hmm … Akira Toriyama (male author of DBZ) and Akira Fubuki (female porn star)! :smiley: