The Horror...the horror...

Can’t forget Langaliers, or the Shining.

you should get shazam.

nothings worse than seeing shaq pretend to know how to act let alone rap.

also i like older scary movies.
because of the lack of speacial effects derectors actauly had to put plot into there movies.

for old scary movies i would recomend
the original house on haunted hill, it has a scary floating lady in it.
the sreaming scull, its kinda like an old version of what lies beneath.(it was also on m.s.t.3.k.)
nosferotu, batboy’s long lost dad.
abbot and costelo meet frankenstien, it still funny.
every episode of the twilite zone( i also recomend the twilight zone movie)
and the wolf man legacy.

for newer scary movies i recomend
creep show, i swear the skeleton at the begining is wiping windows.
creep show 2, only if you saw the first one.
scary movie, watch the scream trilogy and iknow what you did last summer 1 and 2 first.
the haunting, finris loves the lion flu in that movie.
the blair witch project, warning may cause motion sickness
and anything else by stephan king and m night shamalan. they should meet it would be like freddy vs jason. :moogle: