The Horror of Saban Crapiness

Let’s just say, it is better that some things never come into existence. The company Saban(responsible for the production of Power Rangers, Beetle Borgs, VR Troopers, etc)
bid on getting the license to Sailor Moon back in '94. Dic also bid on this during the same time. Saban wanted to make a live action series of sailor moon with some animation in it. Dic was just going to dub it and give it a horrible translation.

Fortunately, the lesser of two evils won the bid and Dic began it’s crappy translation of the anime(screwing up the dialogue and making it corny, cutting out various scenes, and cutting out entire episodes all together).

But what is more scary than what actually happened, is what could’ve happened. Had Saban won the bid, let’s just say they would’ve made a piece of shit.

An overview of what I’m talking about at the following link below:


Saban’s trailer for their version of the series is really bad. Click on the link below to see how Saban would’ve made Sailor Moon. It’s frightening. Fortunatley, Saban never got a chance to make this a series.

Some weird/stupid things to look for in this video: Corny coreography, Sailor Moon and the Sailor Senshi space surfing with crescent shaped sails, and get this…Sailor Venus figthing evil in a wheel-chair? Very sad.


The Saban version of the show looks like it would have been fucking awesome. I never heard about it before, but now I think it would have been way, way cooler than the original anime.

Also, the guy in that video has THE MOST ANNOYING LAUGH EVER. Holy fuck. I had the near-irresistable urge to punch my computer in a vain attempt to make him shut up and let me watch the trailer in peace.

Hold up.

You didn’t like Power Rangers?!

Why dwell on this now? It was over ten years ago. It never even happened, so it’s pretty moot, isnt it?

Only bringing this up now because I just found out about it. Can’t really dwell on it if you recently find out about it.

Oh dear lord Bishamonten! I can’t stop laughing at all the cornyness! Find more!