The horor!!!

:eek: :eek: What the bloody holy fucking hell is going on with FF12,the Dude look a chick!!! :eek: :eek:?

CHICK?! You mean MJ himself…oh wait he looks like a woman too.

Despite that, I’m still really excited over FF12. When the hell is it coming out?!

me too but I was hoping for a hot guy.I hope out somesoon and don’t come out (u know what I mean)

Vaan looks hot. Not like OMG I WANT HIM HOT, he just has a cool design. Except for that nose. But who cares, I like the looks of his leading lady more. But yeah, Vaan looks pretty funky.

I can’t wait >.< I want it now :hyperven:

I’m just happy that for this game, the design team decided to have the chick with her ass hanging out rather than the man. Damn Riskbreaker and his non-existant pants.

That being said, I hope this game is localized as well as Vagrant Story was.

Don’t get me wrong I can’t wait for FF12,any body have a clear date for it’s release?

There’s no release dates yet. Just ‘Spring 2005’ for the Japanese release, and later in 2005 for the North America release. I don’t think a European release has even been announced yet, but I’m sure there’ll be one eventually. Anyway, I don’t expect to see anything more concrete than this until E3.

Is there a good site I could check out

GameFAQs ‘usually’ have a bit of info on well games are meant to be coming out. But they might not have a lot on this, since it still a while off.

Hmmmmmmmmmm wonder how it will be

This and Wild Arms keeps getting delayed.

Yeah, but a pretty hot chick. Also, ever since Squall, you really should’ve seen this coming. I mean, first they base a character off Gackt, then this. It’s logical progression of thoght.

FF12, assuming that the team will actually get to do what they want to, will be badass. Considering that people from the Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy Tactics teams have been pulled togather.

The opening for 12 reads very similar to 12.

The opening to 12 seems very similar to 12? What?


It went above and beyond the call.

Hey, Ashley Riot’s pants were awesome! :smiley:

And if 12 is anything like Vagrant Story, I’ll be an extremely happy bunny.

Form with Dates From Previous S-E PS2 Games, I would Guess Spring 2006 for the EU.

FF11 was simalar time too and that wasn’t even on PS2 in the EU.

"Regarding the release of Final Fantasy XII, we still haven’t decided," Wada-san told Bloomberg. “However, Final Fantasy XII won’t be released this spring.”

Wada-san also commented that FFXII’s release would be timed to ensure it wouldn’t compete with other Square Enix titles for sales.

Girls that want hot guys in rpg’s just makes me giggle.

He’s a character design… He’s not real… A character design can’t be “hot”…

Oh nevermind.