The hobbits are all dead ;.;

So I found this in the paper today, and it interested me.


I don’t post news often, but this caught my eye. Make your own hobbit jokes.

See, LotR is really a history of what really happened, along with the Silmarillian and all that. I knew it!

FRODO!!! :bowser:

Seriously though, thats pretty spiffy. Perhaps legends of dwarves, gnomes, hobbits, elves, orcs, and goblins are all based on some genetic truth… we’ve proven the existance of hobbits, lets see, next on the list is orcs. Someone needs to find a semi-porcine breed of long since dead man that had limited brain capacity and improved muscle mass.

idk about this…however awesome it would be if all that was true…we still have races of small people today…the pigmies…and of course midgets…so whats to say that they might not have been the first pigmies


I could make jokes about so many social groups I don’t know who to begin with.

Short but sexy

Homo floresiensis

Thanks for digging this out Gilgamesh. This is some really fascinating stuff.

There are short people today, think about the pigmy. They could be a branch of hobbits that moved to Africa. Centuries of breeding with the native people of Africa made them look like what they look today, but they still have a lot of hobbitness in them.

All I know is that Tolkien’s works are hobbit-forming.

Yar, that was bad. downright atrocious. I love it

MIDGETS :slight_smile: lol

I knew it. proof for all you unbelievers that hobbits exsisted. they still live i tell you. i must find them. i will be their leader. no, their god! is hit on the head and sleeps