The history of videogames... in advert form

This is very cool. Surprisingly complete as well, it even has the cd-i in there. :-/

Neb, this is so cool. A while ago, I mentioned to someone that on many occasions RPGC could fit the bill of educational institution. Well, your contribution to the curriculum is deeply appreciated. :wink:

Take it from someone who’s studied education for 2 1/2 years, curriculum=bollocks. :slight_smile:

The feature is really cool though. I do wish they’d have more shows on TV about videogame heritage rather than ‘woo, yeah, yet another run-around-blast-the-hangers-off-people game! woo!’ style shows. Videogame TV positively should be in the style of the BBC’s Top Gear- by true enthusiasts, for true enthusiasts, and with vast amounts of wanton destruction and in-fighting between the presenters.

Nice link.