The History of Firefox

Anyone know if there’s a plugin/addon/whatever for Firefox which allows you to set “Remember visited pages for X days” with different values of X for different sites?

I have one which allows “managing page history for already-visited pages better than Firefox’s default settings” (I may get in the habit of doing ctrl+shift+H rather than ctrl+H …) which allows you to search (AND DESTROY!) by site, but nothing exactly like, er, the first sentence in this post.

Not offhand, sorry… Google it, I guess.


Not quite, Nul, that just makes web sites unable to see your histoy using cookies. I want to be able to, say, “remember history from for 15 days; remember history from for 60 days; remember all other history for 30 days.”

If it exists, this will entail really creative Google searches …

There’s some plugin that allows you to toggle when your history records stuff. That should be adequate for your porn site browsing needs.

Looking for “save for a different number of days from the default”, not “stop recording at all”, but, thanks but no thanks. :stuck_out_tongue: