The "Hey, You Should Check Out This Neat Indie/Freeware Game" Thread

Ah, independent games. The best friend of the perpetually bored and/or easily distracted gamer.

There’s some real gems to be found in the realms of independent games. But how can we be expected to know which ones are worth playing?

Why, by letter our peers tell us so, of course!

Allow me to open the thread by saying that everyone who hasn’t played Cave Story yet absolutely must do so.

I go to for my indie gaming needs. There are a lot of really addictive ones, and some are actually really hard.

Battle for Wesnoth!

An Untitled Story is fun and I’ve heard good things about Iji and have it on my to-play list.

Barkley: Shut Up And Jam: Gaiden. This thread is officially over.

I accidentally made two posts. How do you delete this post?

Fancy Pants Adventures

It is a good platformer. What I love about it is how fluid the game is. The game makes running at top speed and jumping around like a madman fun. If you are a fan of 2D platformers, then, this is a must try.

Fancy Pants Adventures World 2

Like the first one, but greatly improved. (Keep in mind that the first game was already good.) The art is simple, but nice to look at. The little story there is quite funny too. Also, keep an eye on the background for some funny scenes.

I showed “Cave Story” to my game-design teacher a year or two back. I wish I could’ve done my hour-presentation on that game now.

I just stumbled upon this cool platformer. Eversion.

If H.P. Lovecraft designed an NES game, this is what it would be like.

<a href = “”>Noitu Love 2</a>

Eversion is probably my least favorite of the actually working decent games to come out of the Commonplace Book competition that did recently. It’s just a fairly simple platformer with a gimmick of the scenery changing some at certain parts of the levels and some silly messages thrown at you when levels start. From Primordial Egg, Verge, and This Cursed Rock are all way better games that came out of that contest.
Lost in Eldritch isn’t bad,either. It kinda strikes me as an IF game that doesn’t use the writing as a crutch to not have actual gameplay.

I hadn’t played any of the others. They’re worth looking into, I take it?

Yeah, there’s several IF games of iffy quality, but there’s some other real good games in the mix.


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Found another neat one that feels worth sharing: Iji, a neat little platformer with RPG elements and a surprisingly good story to it. It’s reminiscent of Flashback or Out of This World.