The Harry Potter Thread

Who here likes it? Fuck, I DO! New movie soon. Gonna be RAD! I’m pumped.

H to the P to the F U C K YEAHHHH, yo!


Edit: …boi.

I will let you know that the thing that kept me going was Ron/Hermione!

Edit: …And what do you know, dear reader!? Providence must have cast a glass be back spell! Cause look at the zoos new aquisition! It is a play… a tragic comedy… the Lament of Roast Beefy-A-Weefy! HAHA! The family porkums is hit palpably with shame. Yes Harry, do laugh on. Laugh right, in their unthinkable faces.

That post was delightful! I really am excited though.


I like the characters and dramatic storylines. Sometimes, Rowling can go almost into too much detail about the specifics of the Wizarding World, but that’s the books only detriment.
Oh, and I was kinda disappointed that Voldemort wasn’t a more complicated villain, but still, its a fairly realistic portrayal of an outright sociopath.
I also identify with Snape :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the movies, but with how long it’s taking them to roll these things out I’m wondering when Harry Potter will make his next appearance as Dumbledore.

Seeing as the movie is going to be split, I hope they do a nice scene where he says his final farewells to the “Pork Family Projects.”

Btw, Ramza, thanks to your signature I discovered the magic of “Wizard People, Dear Reader” and Ronny the Goddamn Bear.

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Why Worst Poster Ever!, what is it that you are doing to my thread?

Zepp why you ruinin my stuff?

Oh god, its zepp…

Snape kills Dumbledore.

So, how about telling someone who doesn’t read the books (but who has seen all the movies) like, I dunno, Me, why is this one so good? (And yes I know the old guy bites it. And that it’s Snape who does it. Anything else?)

Good? More than the others? I dunno. It’s considerably more hardcore and solves a good deal of shit, but the stuff in the middle did sort of draaaaaag for a bit. I have no idea where they plan to stop halfway that would make a good cliffhanger.

The end is really awesome though. I hope the guy who plays Harry manages to look smug as shit during the speech.

When is the movie coming out? Its kind of irritating the final movie will be split in 2 :.

I’d rather the last movie be split two ways (shit, maybe even three) so as to cover more content.

Then again, I am also pulling for a BBC miniseries one day in the far future… No Hollywood bullshit.