The Hades Shinigami Appreciation Congregation

Yessir I remember it well was back in the summer of sixty-three and I was a small nipper living out in the Canadian Midwest in a high-rise apartment, of course they didn’t call them apartments back then they called 'em brick cans! “Gimme directions to the nearest can” you’d say! Anyway I was working in the garden on the roof when suddenly this hyeeeuge fella comes striding out of the door and looks me straight in the eye “Son,” he said, “I am on a mission of upmost secrecy, where’s the bathroom!” of course back in these days they didn’t have indoor bathrooms just holes in the mud, so I pointed over the roof and this fella he LEAPS, LEAPS I tells ya right over the railing and falls three hundred feet to the ground and walks off! Well I knew trouble when I saw it and this fella he was the most trouble I ever saw so I dropped my rake (only they called 'em forks in those days). Well I finally caught up with him and asked this fella what he was about “Son,” he said “I have to deliver this here briefcase to the President of the United Nations of South America or the whole world’s gonna explode before supper”. Well I didn’t want that to happen and told him as much. “Son,” he said, “how would you like to serve your country.” Well I wanted to serve my country like any hot-blooded Canadian patriot would and told him as much. So he hands me his briefcase, heavy as five cows it was! and picks me up and throws me clean across America! I musta flown for days, living on birds I caught on the way across, and by golly if I didn’t land right in the President of the United Nations of South America’s office! So I handed the President of the United Nations of South America the briefcase and I hears this voice real deep like coming from the corner “You did good son” and I looks around and Holy Jesus in Heaven if it isn’t the guy who threw me! Musta run faster than the wind! They don’t make 'em like that anymore, all you young 'uns do is listen to rock music and cut yourselves! And that’s how I saved Israel from nuclear annihilation. What were we talking about?

That’s a wonderful story, but what does that have to do with Hades?


Here here!

You lying commie!
You’re just trying to taint our bodily fluids with your “brick cans” and your “floride” and your “toothpaste”!
You make me sick!

Hades Shinigami, you know, the guy that gives vivid descriptions of his imaginative sexual encounters. That guy is a walking thesaurus.




I like Hades. He’s always about fighting the “power”, unless the power is him…I guess.

Other than the fact that he disagrees with everything most people say…whatever…

I was a small nipper living out in the Canadian Midwest

You liar, I know for a fact you haven’t left your computer for 15 years

What the fuck is a Hades? And are we appreciating the shinning of it’s gami?

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That should be your first indication that most people are STUPID!

He kicks ass.

What kind of ass is open to debate.

“Human beings are great, it is people I cannot stand.”

One thing I know about Hades: He’s a guy.

But don’t quote me on that, I haven’t actually seen any proof. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nor do you want to.

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