The muffins aren’t bad though.

It’s about their coffee and breakfast sammiches. Who eats donuts?

LarckeJP I eat donuts

Your sense of humour! :stuck_out_tongue:

i don’t like this thread

Charl’s not Canadian. I don’t know if calling him Canadian is a bigger insult to Charl or to Canadians.

Krispy Kreme is by far superior to Tim Hortons donut wise. Tim Hortons’ donuts are dry, tasteless and just as expensive. The best donuts I ever had were at 2 places: a little donut maker in Florida that makes them right in front of you; they have this little dough dropping device that releases balls into boiling oil and serves you fresh donuts the minute you order them. The other is a little korean donut maker next to where I lived in CA. The donuts were fresh every day, light, fluffy, tasty and not only were they bigger than TH’s, they were at half the price. God they were amazing. I don’t know why I’m not overweight.

Yeah but who cares about donuts. Tim Horton’s has the best coffee of any donut shop around. And that’s saying a lot, because Dunkin donuts coffee is fuckin’ good too. Everytime one of my Canadian friends goes back home, I make sure he brings me back at least a pound or two of that black cocaine.

Speaking of McGill University, if I had to pick a sport that could be considered as Canada’s gift to the World, my choice would be the game invented by Dr. James Naismith – basketball.


Oh, I amost forgot - Alex Trebeck. He an Pat Sajak just got lifetime acheivement awards at the Daytime Emmies.