The Greatest Internet Quiz Ever

How long could you survive chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor?

41 seconds here.

One minute. I guess it doesn’t count panic freeze as an option P_p

51 seconds.

I got 1 minute, 19 seconds. I’d be super-pissed if it tore my arm off.

One minute 35 seconds. I’d be happy that I have the longest time to live, but that means I have more time to contemplate my death:thinking:…

1 min 16 secs

One minute 41.

Yayuh muay thai/самбо crosstraining.

1 minute, 3 seconds.

1:09. Bit disappointing really.

Forty one seconds.

And I’ve gotta say I’m disappointed in the poor representation of the Velociprator in that picture. They were only about three feet tall, maybe four.


1 minute, 35 seconds. That’s actually a more accurate velociraptor than the ones in Jurassic Park. The ones in JP were very hollywoodized.

1:03. Not too shabby, I guess…

I could only last 41 seconds… I guess once it got my arm off, I just gave up caring about surviving.

1 minute 41, woo.

Now I just have to go fight a motherfucking bear to increase it some more.

800 minutes


or 1:22

Meh. Guess I need to aim for the jewels next time.

Yes I know they were hollywoodized in JP (and they weren’t the only ones messed up). I was making a comment about the picture used in the quiz, with the velociraptor appearing taller than the character in the picture. That would mean that person would be less than three feet tall!

I’d say what most people consider a velociraptor to be is actually deinonychus.


I missaid what I said I actually got 800000 minutes

Okay, if the velociraptor was three feet tall, it’d be ON. Lift the thing upside down, chain it to the bed post, break it’s tail, legs and let it hang there for a few hours. (1:13, disregarding my psychological bonus when I figure out the 'saur [or poultry] is significantly smaller than I thought and easier to hang upside down).

1 minute, 3 seconds? o_O I expected a lot less.