The greatest idea for a movie... EVER!

I am so seeing this!!! :hahaha; Im still laughing. Definately the greatest idea ever.

Ah, crazy British comedies. However, I believe that Grayson is the best idea for a movie ever.

That’s certainly unique. :hahaha;

I love it :slight_smile:

Shawn of the Dead was actually originally based on a single episode of a TV program named ‘Spaced’. The main character (also the main character of the film) had been playing too much Resident Evil 2 and fell asleep in front of the TV. Wacky zombie-filled nightmares ensued.

British TV Comedy geekiness aside, yeah, this film rocked. Go and see it.

Thats about what I feel like when I go into work every day… Sept, the bellevue people are more hyper than normal zombies… but they are mindless… AND WILL EAT YOU ALIVE!

I might just go watch it!

Awesome! I might actually check this out!

Ok, that trailer struck various places in my mind, but the end result is: I WANT TO SEE THAT DAMNIT!

I went to the website and cannot find any info on a release date. It says July 2004, however, is this on DVD? The image looks like a dvd box as it says “widescreen” across the top in a little yellow bar.

But on the trailer is said coming to theatres soon… Hmmm…

I’m calling blockbuster now.

edit Never mind, I’ve realized its not going to be a real movie… its just a fan trailer of somthing that isnt going to happen… >_< Son of a Bitch.

It’s not going to be in the theaters ;_; Damn you whoever that’s responsible! I definately want to see sometime.

purple rain lol

This is about the movie trailer Grayson, not the zombie movie

So I went to the forums and found out some more info, it seems that this group is just made up to make fan “trailers” for movies that will never get made.

In this movie’s case, there was talk about making a full length DVD release, but it’s not going to happen as they stated that it would cost WAY too much to produce.

In response to thier statement, people are just begging for a DVD release of the trailer, wow…

You just love being the bearer of great news or information, don’t you?(sarcasm)

Naw, I just hate my life now, and want to share the glee

you’re not very smart.

Perhaps you could enlighten me as to what makes you say that. Otherwise, your little insult falls on deaf ears.

The REAL greatest idea for a movie

My friend saw that movie, and apparently its ridiculously entertaining.

And making a full length Grayson movie would cost way too much. The guy used an actual film camera, and semi-professional actors. Those costs in combinations with props/costumes/sets are astronomic. If want to see a full length fan film go watch Freddy vs Ghostbusters.

Shaun of the Dead was an awesome movie :stuck_out_tongue: I really enjoyed it. And it wasn’t all comedy, either. Some stark, shocking horror and violence, and some real emotional turmoil in there. I actually found it to be one of the more realistic zombie movies out there. It’ll definitely find more appreciation amongst British audiences though.

I still wanna see it though.