The Greatest Game Ever Made

I’ve spammed this in the chat occasionally, but this game was just too awesome not to be shared with everyone. Yes I took this screenshot myself, yes it is unedited. :stuck_out_tongue:

hides in a bomb shelter :stuck_out_tongue:

drags Nessa out and sacrifices her on the Alter of Nethack


CH, you use the tiles, you wuss. True nethack can only be played in it’s DOS/ASCII window. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why is NetHack so awesome? Is it the fact that anything is possible? Is it the pursuit of an almost ipossible goal? Is it how the game makes you care about your hero, for death is permanent? No-one knows the answer to this querstion. Indeed, it may be all of the above!

LOL! That sucks CH.

And to think, 2 days ago Pierson didn’t know what NetHack was. But yes, it’s the greatest game ever made. So great, it gets to be in my toolbar.

Yeah Gil. I blame you and CH for the eventual ruination of my life.

WTF LOL! Go trap door rock!

The Longest Jouney is the Greatest Game Ever Made! *Nod, nod.

Blasphemy! You will submit to the dark side. Nethack will consume you.

Bah, it’s still hack and slash for no appearant reason other than to become the strongest evar.

Dude, Flame Mage? That looks like kind of a crazy Nethack mod, you’ll have to link me when I see you next, or PM the link to me or something.

When I saw that this thread was made by CH, and it was about ‘the greated game ever’ I was fully expecting nethack- thank for for not disapointing my old clothy :stuck_out_tongue:

Deaths like that always make me thud XD;


But that doesn’t look like FF7, CH! :open_mouth:

Heh, I’ve heard of this game so much.

I’ll HAVE to give it a shot eventually.

You can’t give it a shot. If you have one shot, you’ll want more shots, and you’ll get drunk off it, and eventually you’ll be having it in barrels, or truckloads!

I may also add that you haven’t lived 'till you’ve used a Scroll of Genocide

The only thing i hate about nethack is your pet. They’re stupid and they always get in the way. First thing i do each game is just kill them.

Gotta love’m (scrolls that is) when they are cursed! Need some max hp? Send in the nurses. In need of xp but think you’re immortal? Send in the color dragons! Missing that one last intrinsic that you just gotta have? Pick an easy monster with it and chow down.

Pets aren’t that bad… Teach’em to rob shops. Or try to polymorph in to a female dragon and start laying eggs. Dragon armies are fun!

Pets won’t step on cursed items, or eat poisoned food, which is useful, especially if you don’t want do be dependant on the priest’s ability to discern curses. Also useful for getting equipment you want from beasties of your own alignment, as your god is not angered if your pet kills them. But if you think you can live without your faithful fangy friend, go ahead.

Good idea deathstryke. I must get myself a polymorph or two.

It’s too bad the palm-porting project of nethack died. -_-,

Scroll of Genocide XD ahh good memories!

I didn’t know what anything was, so I picked hobbits :stuck_out_tongue: