Ok, I’m glad I got your attention. I’m going to France in three and a half weeks. I’ll be staying at my friend’s relative’s hotel, so accomodations are taken care of pretty much. I’ll be there for about a month and a half(May 9th to June 16th). I also have a eurorail pass for 10 free days to goto Spain, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

I already know what I’m going to be doing in Spain: I’m going to go to Madrid to visit the museo del prado(I really want to see Bosch’s paintings), and then Barcelona to see Gaudi’s architecture as well as the Salvador Dali museum, which I hear is close to Barcelona. I have a few places planned out to look at in France, but I have no idea where to go and why in Germany, Switzerland and Italy. I’m wondering if you guys have any suggestions for where I should go in Germany, Switzerland and Italy. I’d like to visit museums but other attractions would be interesting as well. Thanks.

*edit: suggestions for France and Spain are welcome as well!

I’ll wave to you on my way to Finland. :stuck_out_tongue:

Finland, what on earth do you plan to do in Finland?

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I don’t really have much to add as I’ve never been to Switzerland and Italy (and only once in Germany (in Frankfurt, which is nothing amazingly impressive :P)), but I can comment about the things you’ll do in Spain (wow). Definitely go and see Gaudi’s architecture (cathedral and park, as well as some of his houses). I liked the park. I generally preferred Barcelona to Madrid, but the more you go north the more expensive it is. :stuck_out_tongue: Just make sure to check the schedule before going to any museum and such (it’s not fun to walk all the way to Museo El Prado and realize it closed at 3 PM on the last day of your trip there), but I suppose your friend will be used to it by now. Anyway, that’s all I can think of at such an early hour. >.>

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Good stuff, man! I spent almost a year in Italy a while ago. Right after my family “escaped” Mother Russia and before we crossed the Atlantic. Many years later I feel like repeating that voyage in reverse, with side trips to France and Spain.
Depending on how much time you plan to spend in Italy, there are some places/attractions that you might skip. You can do the usual tourista circuit: Rome, Florence, and Milan.
While in Rome, take a look at the Pantheon, the Colosseum and Castel Sant’Angelo. Then of course there is the Vatican. But you would need more than one day to visit all Vatican museums.
The Sistine Chapel is a top pick. And looking at this fresco I discovered God – that Adam dude looks just like me :wink:
If you were older (your parents age) I would suggest the Tivoli Fountains, about an hour drive from Rome, just to cool off and relax in a shady beautiful garden. But instead you can hit the beach, check out Ostia Lido, not too far from the Big city. I spent most of my summer on that beach.
Milan, see La Scala and Leonardo da Vinci museum
Florence = Renaissence and Architecture at it’s best

Oh yah, the most important thing that you have to do while in Italy – try Gelato! Ok, they got the same recipes for Italian ice cream in North America, but the ingredients are not same (the air of Italy?)

Edit: How could I forget Venice and it’s stinking channels :wink:

I second Walhalla, Barcelona is quite pretty. <3

I think I’m going to visit Florence in Italy, because it looks very pretty. Although Milan is closer and has the Leonardo Da Vinci museum!!! HMM!!! The choices.
Thanks for the tip on checking schedules, Walhalla. I don’t want to be visiting a place to see museums that are closed on the days that I’m there!!!

So far the places that I’ll be visiting will be Madrid, Barcelona, and Figueres in Spain, Hamburg and maybe Berlin(just to see whatever’s left of the wall) in Germany, and Florence in Italy. I have no idea what I’m going to do in Switzerland. Eat cheese? blah I can do that in France…

Just drink wine and never bathe or something

Make sure to visit the Riviera. Maybe on the way to Italy or Barcelona. Marseilles - Nice - Monaco. You could pretty easily blow away a week in those places, esp. if you like gambling (note: I do)

Florence really sucks and you’ll be ripped off at every oppurtunity. So you’re warned. Switzerland is really nice but very expensive (read 40 bucks for 3 people at burger king and they charge for ketchup if that gives you any idea). I can’t remember the name of the lake town I went to, it started with an M. It was near the italian border. Italy is very pretty. If you like scenery and wine, go to Tuscany. I generally found southern Italy to be nicer and prettier, but I preferred the food in northern Italy. Rome is great, but don’t drive in Rome.

I don’t think I’m going to Florence anymore. I think I’ll be going to Milan to see this: That looks so awesome!!! The June 1st date atleast. The other ones have some good bands but the setlist isn’t as awesome as the first day!!!

$40 for three people in Switzerland?? Holy crap. That’s ridiculous. I don’t think I’ll be going to many restaurants, fast food or not, I’ll probably just buy things to make sandwiches with, as well as fruits and vegetables.

I don’t like gambling at all so I don’t think I’ll be doing any of that… I’ll definately try visiting some of those places though, like Marseilles.