The Great Hunt For The Mongolian Death Worm

Damn, that’d be sweet…all we’d need then is the stuff that makes your eyes turn blue. :smiley:

Sounds suspicious to me. I don’t deny that their could be an odd animal of some sort, but acid-spitting PLUS electric sounds a little to far out to me. Hell, I don’t think I’ve seen a Poison/Electric type in even a Pokemon game. Still, it would be cool even if it were only an overlarge exotic worm of some sort.

Cryptozoology’s always been pretty interesting to me, even though I suspect that it’s mostly bullshit.

And that worm would be pretty cool, but couldn’t hold a candle to a chupacabra.

What’s Chapucabra?

The chupacabra is an alleged “goat-sucker” who lives in latin america. It sucks the blood out of livestock, and has a variety of supposed forms. It’s a nice thought that it could exist, but I doubt it.

more info on the chupacabra

The elemendorf creature… quite interesting.
The teeth in the picture that’s on the “talk” page of the elemendorf creature are very… interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

Bet it’d make a great pet … for Bigfoot, who take it on his house boat on Loch Ness feeding the monster there.

what the hell are you talking about, what elemendorf creature?

Well besides this weird worm that like an ultimet death worm…

A about 1 week ago I saw a show about this blood sucking thing, that is roaming around South America… there were about 5 people who claimed they saw it… It has big red eyes, spikey things going down its back, 2 mini wings, and 3 fingured claws on each hand… They dont talk hey mind speak…

It all started when chickens started to die out of no where… blood was sucked out of them from 2 holes taht looked like vampire holes, and were found around the neck region. No sign of struggle to the animals, it as more like they did it on will… Some of the organs were gone from inside…

Another thing about this creater is that, no foot prints were found, or so they say…

They have said also there have been attack like from 40 years ago… when this one person was like 6 years old… to people who are 40, and it happend in like 2000-2004. Most recent was in 2004 in Argin… yeah… wont spell that one out. This chick was going to the bathroom, and this creater jumped down from the roof and attacked her… she said it sounded like it was tellapathically talking to her… and she discribed the thing just like the little boy did…

Oh mind you that the little boy saw this Alien in Colorado… Also this creater starts to move about when a search party starts to look for it…

Hmmm I wonder if I could find an artical on it, if I can… I will post it up!!!

Oh there are chupcabras and jersey devils everywhere

I watched a show on the Jersey Devil once. Wasn’t it like the 13th son of some holy lady?

Jersey Devil : )

That 13th child story is just one of the myths that grows up around a kernel story, kind of like the bibilical deluge.

apparently she was so tired of being pregnant she cursed her child when it was born “let it be a devil!”. She wasn’t holy or anything. It flew up the chimney and has been preying upon cattle and terrorizing that neighbourhood and areas close by for over a hundred years. But it hasn’t been spotted in the last few decades. There are a couple different variations, and descriptions of it, many of which stem from the fact that the forest in which it was born, was a haven for the ilk of the day- thieves, loyalists, you name it. So it’s only natural that something “evil” lives in the woods.

How did we get to devils? My brain hurts… I blame it on finals that are next week… NOOOOOOOO!!!

Remember that lame Jersey Devil Game?

I bet the real Jersey Devil was ashamed.