The gratuitous Matrix 3 thread

Does anyone else have any information on the last Matrix film? All we got so far is a single teaser poster, and a major slip from the Rayments that the Twins will be fighting Neo while armed with rotating sword-blades.

Just wondering whether anyone else has heard anything yet, plus I really wanted an excuse to put this up.

Since The Matrix Online MMORPG is set AFTER the last film, it’s fairly obvious that Neo doesn’t destroy the Matrix after all. Tough luck Zion.

<img src=“”> There’s a Matrix MMORPG? Oh, and sword-chucks, yo.

LMAO! They are fucking sword chucks! good call, TD!

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LMAO! They are fucking sword chucks! good call, TD!

Sword chucks? Did I miss something there?

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<img src=“”> There’s a Matrix MMORPG? Oh, and sword-chucks, yo.

Yeah, there is. The coolness of the clothing and sunglasses available increases as you get better. A great feaure. Why bother with levels to tell people how hard you are, when instead you can have a really nice jacket?:smiley:

Dude, we’re on a boat… and you fell off.

(I thought there was some kind of saying that “you fell over board” or somthing when somthing went over somones head, but I think I just made it up)

I think so too… never mind… -__-’

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Well, this I have to say.

Fuckin’ Matrix 3 better be better than the 2nd one or else I’m going to go to Hollywood and firebomb the ass out of the studios that published it.

Matrix 2 was good. What are you talking about? The ending’s supposed to be a freakin’ cliffhanger. That’s the point of movies like that. Christ.

I personally did not like Matrix 2. The ending was a cliffhanger, I know that and I appreciate that it won’t take 2 freaking years + for the ending, unlike a CERTAIN game that came out…a couple of months ago.

The cliffhanger was probably the only thing good about the movie, the fight scenes were only more of the same, and the 30 minute raveorgy was completely gratuitious and senseless. They can make noise without making a raveorgy.

blasting the entire movie because of part of the beginning’s a tad silly imho.

Bad bits
The rave (admittadly. Plot may have been neccessary, but why dance like lunatics?)
The car chase bits where nothing happened (continous action would have been better)

And that’s about it.

Good bits.

The Burley Brawl
The Chateu
The Sentinal spinning-around-like-a-loon bomb-delivery method
Agent Smith uploading himself into the real world
And much more

The film rocked. Enough said. Those who watched the trailer for Revolutions at the end of Enter The Matrix (me! hehe!), it IS gonna rock.

Rumoured, Agent Smith gets Neo’s powers (at the square before the Brawl, he say bits of Neo were ‘copied’ onto him. Anyway, in one part of the trailer for Revo, you see Smith (probably) flying.

TD, thank you. Now, all is clear to me.:slight_smile:

<img src=“”> I never really understood why they can’t make exits on cellphones. But other than that, I don’t really see anything wrong with Revolutions. The car chase scene needed breaks in the action, or it would become too chaotic and eventually boring. It was done perfectly. And the rave was kinda stupid, I agree, but I try to repress that from my memories so it doesn’t count.

Reloaded was subpar to the original. More of the same without enough of the new. The Twins were a nice bit, though.

And the evil guy who controls the Twins is French. Coincidence? I think not. :stuck_out_tongue:

And in the fight in the park with 947684729754397629 Smiths, not one person EVER loses their sunglasses or gets them broken. EVER.

The cellphones are something to do with landlines, or downloading into the Matrix

(ie, would you want to download, say, Half-Life, or a film, through a wireless connection prone to failing any second or even missing bits out? No)

I remember that one year before the release of Reloaded there were some things being said about the scripts for it and Revolutions. It seems like Neo finally gets truly omnipotent and omniscient inside the Matrix in Revolutions. But I think it’s just rumours. All we know is that we’ll get to see people fighting sentinels in Zion.

Sentinels will kick their ass I hope. Damn human scum.

By the way, just as an observation, has anyone else noticed that a HUGE amount of the people in Zion are in minorities? Hardly a Stupid White Man (to quote Michael Moore) in there.

Yeah, and the rave scene had a sea of Jamaicans as far as the eye could see :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah well, no matter where the party/rave/beach party, Jamaicans will always find their way there. I wish I had whatever extra-senseory equipment they had to detect large amounts of alcohol.

yeah. Most of Rev is being set in the Real World according to the Wachowskis. Damn. No cartwheeling around skyscrapers then…

Most people seem to agree that the Twins were great and the Rave the worst part. I applaud your taste! That “ceremony” was really unnecessary… And annoying. I liked the movie as a whole, though, and the music was great! Definitely going to see the third one…