The Good,The Bad,and The Ugly

Do you think an anime based on this movie would work?(not turning the movie into an anime just an anime westren about a few guys going after a buried treasure.)
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YOU sir are a certifiable sadist. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh I am now am I,or is now I am now am I?

I love western themed movies, It’d be badass to see an Anime stylized like “Wild Wild West” with steam powered machines and all sorts of funky gadgets… yeah, the wild wild west theme was a great song… O_O download!

Wild,Wild West was horrible(but in the way that you just have to love it,the Ed Wood movies are a better example)

Now one with The Civil War as the backdrop,a buried treasure(dosent have to be in a graveyard like tha origanal movie),a few guys are going after it.
lets say its buried somewhere in the northwest,it starts out in Texas(as do all typical westrens),about five different guys somwhow get word of the treasure(never say the source,make it a mystrey,kinda like The Briefcase in Pulp Fiction,or The Brides name in Kill Bill vol.1).

They have never seen it,they just know where(the vicinity) it is,and each one knows a different thing about.

We dont know what the treasure is untill the verey end.

We are never told any of the five charactures names.

that is kindof like The Good,The Bad,and The Ugly,but not a a remake.

Now would something like that work?
I think that would become an instant classic.

and not give them the coked out eyes look,make the eyes like they looked in the 80’s.