The Gamecube is dead. Long live Gamecube.

Twilight Princess for Cube outside Japan is no more.

Well, Shit. If this really happens.

300 smackers for new Zelda after all. Then again, this always was a possibility.


It made me laugh. Nintendo seems to be putting down their audience/fan/etc more and more (with decisions).

Like they’re the only ones putting down their aduience.p:unch::

I didn’t see the point of releasing it on the Gamecube to begin with, expecially since Twilight Princess was going to utalize the Wii controller.

I think pretty much cancelling the game (even though I hear it will be available to download off the Wii or possibly through an online retailer or something) all of a sudden is a let down :frowning:

But yeah, Nintendo isn’t the only one, I guess.

Update 2: Nintendo’s official statement: Online reports about the Nintendo GameCube version of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess are incorrect. The amazing game will be available at retail outlets nationwide on Dec. 13.

It isn’t quite dead. It’s just restin’. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Still, uh, I don’t have a GameCube anyway, so … uh. I’m still holding out for a DS!!

long live GC?..It had to be alive first…