The G-Man

I’m playing through half life 2 again and I noticed that you can see the G-Man in the distance if you’re careful enough. He’s watching you :|. Its an interesting little detail (that and the fact that shooting him with the chopper machine gun on the boat in the river act doesn’t do shit to him - that’s where I noticed him, I saw him twice). Anyone else notice him elsewhere?

You only see him in the game…?

Jesus… Hes everywhere for me… I see him when I cross the street, when I’m getting my haircut, and when I sleep I think I hear him breathing outside my window…

Hes everywhere…

I haven’t played HL2, but this sounds very similar to the first Half-Life game (as well as Opposing Force), where you would see him all over the Black Mesa facility, just walking around, eerily calm during the midst of a major alien invasion. It’s a shame he was always hiding behind a locked door or bulletproof glass though. 8)

Oh yeah. You see him in Nova Prospekt, on the way to Nova Prospekt, I thought I saw him in Ravenholm and a few other places. As well as your places. Bastard’s everywhere.

When you’re in rthe lab with Alyx, Barney and the doc, flip through the bank of monitors. He turns up on one of them.


He shows up several times throughout the game.
The weirdest one is when he shows up on an unplugged tv in Anticitizen One. O_o

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he’s also all over the place in the first Half-Life. It’s part of the tradition.

I have questions regarding the combine; Ok so Half Life 1, you’re in Black Mesa doing teleportation experiments and it opens a portal to another world and the game is fighting your way out of there and probably beating some evil overlord to try and save humanity. Then the G-Man recruits you and aparently this is your fist mission and it is obvious that the alien presence is kinda permanent now. When you talk to Mothman in Black Mesa East, you learn about how aparently the combine can teleport into our world, but not teleport out as she says they become dependent on more local means of transportation, and they’re trying to figure out other teleport ways; once you go through the citadel, it becomes obvious that these people don’t look entirely human and when you catch Breen trying to run away, he’s talking to what is probably one of the “benefactors”, which makes a lot of sense considering how humanity has been hearded, thus opening the way to some interesting conspiracy revelations in a Half Life 3. Do I have this right? Now one must wonder who and what is the G-Man, why he can do what he can do and who it is he works for if not the Combine.

You know another thing. You can actually fail your mission. Seriously. Drive off a cliff when you have the buggy and if you destroy it, you get this message.

Misson Failed
Subject: Freeman
Reason: Failure to maintain mission critical materials.

And that, well that’s just plain weird.

Yeah I got that >.>. Also, another way to get that is if your buggy falls in the water and it slips away on its own.

It’s been hypothesised that the G-man is from another race with advanced teleportation technology that the Combine hasn’t conquered (yet). Whoever they are they’re obviously hostile to the Combine since the G-Man sends Freeman to destroy the Citadel. Right now the G-Man + Freeman are still free agents, since the G-man says he hasn’t accepted any offers for Freeman’s services yet. Possibly there is another race yet to be introduced who has hired Freeman to fight against the combine, to be introduced in HL3.

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That’s what I figured. Edit: That storyline rocked.

In HL1, when you enter Xen, and find the “Ancient Race”, could he possibly be of their lineage??


How did that person do that? Did they edit the screens? I haven’t played the game but I dought the G-man (From what I know) would be flying happily through the air…

Oh, and on G4 ‘Cheat’ did a show about Half-Life 2, and it told you all the places where you can find him.

Garry’s Mod. It’s actually pretty funny what you can do to things with that mod. :stuck_out_tongue: