The Future of Our World

An educational YTMND, presents the timeline of things to come:

Can you summarize what it says? My computer can’t run it.

Here’s the animated gif:

I don’t know his sources, and I’ve seen different time frames suggested for most of these events. And I don’t have any idea if the continental drift is accurate.

Reminds me of theScale of the Universe, which is also pretty cool.

That is pretty awesome.

This slide show doesn’t mention The Doctor visiting a space station spectating the end of the Earth? Boo!

It says something that I know exactly what you’re talking about despite never having watched a single episode of either series. :smiley:

Ah, thanks. But I’m more interested in what will happen in my own lifetime, rather than the distant future.

Seems to be the case with most people, mind you most people would still consider looking as far as their life expectancy too far… more like 5 - 10 years.

And this is why neither Social Security nor Medicare has been reformed, despite mountains of evidence that it is unsustainable–for example, our colossal debt. Too many aging voters who are only “interested in what will happen in their own lifetimes.”

Woah man, just saying the first thing that came to my mind :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, you asked what the future of the world entailed, then declared you’re only interested in your lifetime. Surely the U.S.'s debt crisis is the sort of topic you hoped to hear about.

Do you have any ideas about what will happen with it?

And wow Xwing, not to creep you out or anything, but I clicked on the link in your sig and ended up reading a bunch of your poems. Good stuff.

According to the latest news, Obama and Republicans have agreed to $1.2 trillion in immediate spending cuts, and about $1.6 trillion more to be determined by a committee. If the committee’s plan is not approved by December 23, then Defense and Medicare will automatically be cut instead.

This sounds promising. It helps Obama avoid a second debt crisis during campaign season, and lets Tea Partiers keep their pledge not to increase taxes. Liberals will be happy because, if the committee plan is undesirable, the Senate can let the Defense cuts go through–which they would vastly prefer to cutting Social Security.

Let’s hope it works.

And regarding the poems, heh, I wondered if anyone ever clicked that link. I’m glad they’re passable enough that you made it through a bunch of them.

We ain’t never gonna make it.

  • Linus

I’ve heard theories that Obama wants to intentionally crash the system, so as to have a “New Deal”.

Conservatives propagate that theory, and liberals claim the opposite: Republicans want to “starve the beast” of our agency-driven government, by cutting funds till it becomes ineffective. Then they can claim that the welfare state has failed and dismantle it.

In reality, I doubt most Congressmen are devious enough to plot that way. I think most have simple, ideological assumptions about “how things work” and vote in ways that make sense under those assumptions–which are overly simplistic and produce highly flawed policy.

They can be surprisingly clever when it comes to gutting bills and neutering reform. A lot of the bills that congress passed back in December have already been torpedoed and/or sunk like the first responders bill not covering expenses related to cancer treatment (you know, the thing that’s killing them).

I think if we continue to gripe about who’s fault it is that the country is sliding down hell’s bowls like a greasy turd, we’re either going to end up with another civil war, a complete economic crash, or both. Honestly, I’m sick of hearing politicians be all “CONSERVATIVES DID BLAHBLAHBLAH” or “LIBERALS DID BLAHBLAHBLAH”…you know what? Shut the fuck up, put on your big man panties and NEGOTIATE LIKE A GODDAMN ADULT. Then MAYBE everyone can come to an agreement on something that’ll keep the country from going down in flames. /soapbox