The future of Heritage...

The story so far (rest is in the word file attached)

Okay, so I’ve kinda changed my mind about jacking this one in (roughly 7 months after my last iota of progress on it, yes I did check), I’ve had a few ideas in my head about how to continue it. Question is, should I continue? My problem with writing fanfiction (which has come about ever since devoting time to my original projects) is that I always feel too constrained. Which is why, if I continue, I’m going to skew off on some bizarre tangent the likes of which have never been seen before. :-/ Nothing quite so dark as the original stuff that I have been writing, but “severe psychological trauma” seems to have overtaken science-fiction as my favourite genre…

Right, enough babbling, more “proper thread”. Poll options are above, feel free to qualify your vote with some text. :slight_smile: And yes, the “I could do a better job” WILL be taken as an offer. You probably could do a better job, anyway… :-/

If you stop now, I will be forced to kill you.

Go for it if you feel up to it, but it’s your call.

I’ll fully read this later, but from the quick glance I just had, it is seriously something you should keep working on.

And trust me mate, I know your style. If you continue you it, it should be excellent. But in the end the decision is always going to be yours mate.