...the fuh? o_O


In short: They want to make it so that any movie that contains people smoking gets an instant R. Something about getting kids to not want to smoke.

So someone smoking in a movie makes a kid want to smoke, but the dozens of smokers that AverageJoeTeen is likely to see every day whilst walking down the street don’t?

My parents both smoke like chimneys, and if anything, that makes me want to smoke LESS.

Yet more evidence that people really, really don’t think these things through.

Censorship people going nuts. This is predictable considering the fuss people keep making about media and the rest. Its all about diverting accountability to something people feel safe about.

“Let’s blame the media! It can’t possibly be MY fault, even though I give smokes to my kids!”

Parents… do the rest of the world a favour and actually PARENT! Teach them smoking is wrong, and we won’t have to resort to this crap.

Bloody hell… the parents leave the actual parenting to the TV, then have the gall to complain about the TV giving their children bad habits. :-/ Is paying a little attention too much to hope for nowadays?

“Now now little Timmy, your mother smokes because she loves you and wants to DIE of LUNG CANCER and doesn’t want you to leave this mortal coil so soon, but you’ll just be alone after I die off from this cigar…”

People who smoke in movies usually play as bad guys or nasty people who get killed. Take Jurassic Park or XXX for example.

It might happen, but it won’t last long. At this time, people even smoke in movies rated G. If they pass the law, movie revenues will hit rock bottom, since movies with smoking will all be rated R, thus causing less people to see 'em in theatres.

What about Cowboy Bebop. All the good guys smoke. Lots of positive figures smoke to give off a sense of immortality.

What? Reminds me of an advert or some government thing I saw on a poster:
“1 out of 6 smokers will die.”
So 5 out of 6 are immortal.

I smoke because it makes me cool. Joe Camel said so.

I’m smoking because Fawful just set off one of the reactors! How 'bout you?

Gandalf, Bilbo & the other hobits, and even Aragorn, smoke too, so kids shouldn’t watch LOTR. Oh nice.

BTW, I think this law will actually do people some good. I read that in Holland (or somewhere close) they banned the presence of young adults smoking in ciggarette ads and within a few years the amount of teenagers smoking fell some 25%.

HAHAHAHAHA! That’s funny. Only in America and possibly Europe do they always use TV, video games, and music as scapegoats for all the wrongs people’s kids commit.

How many studies did they do to prove the media affects the kids that watch it? I thought it was still inconclusive.

i’ve seen 12-A (UK’s PG-13) and that is nastier, than a 15 made only 10 years ago.

Big Nutter
Fact: Erect penis are NOT alowed on UK TV, but dangly are.

The thing that bugs me is that the government is trying to teach us more morals than parents. Let the idiots do what they want. They want to smoke and die young? Be my guest.

Live fast, die young … um … be reincarnated very carefully!