Okay guys. This is what we’ve been preparing for our whole lives! The time when Charlemagne makes a thread on Zombie Preparedness. Now. I’m not going to post anymore in this thread. Just go with the flow.

The double tap.

What do zombies have to do with checking unix filesystems for inconsistencies?

This is a topic I can get passionate about, though I may be at odds with most people in my means of preparing. I’m one of those ‘swords don’t run out of bullets’ nuts that show up as a raging badass but eventually die before the end of the movie.

Who cares about zombies, I just want a Twinkie.

Are there any good zombie RPGs? I want to level up zombies to kill other zombies, and eventually save the zombie princess from the zombie warlock.

I’ve actually played a flash rpg where you level up a zombie(I think) protagonist. It’s called “The Several Journeys of Remus” or something.

I think my zombie preparedness is rather low. I know that while I was an undergrad we took a look around campus and realized that if there was ever a zombie outbreak there we’d be dead pretty quick. I don’t think my place here is any more secure.

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one.

Everyone’s forgetting the most important rule:


Zombies Ate My Neighbors.

I’ve got Ving Rhaymes, Gary Busey, Ted Nugent, Dick Cheney, and the gas station attendant from Ninja Warrior in my party to take on the zombie hordes. We’re ready. As for myself personally, I ate Reeses for Breakfast.

So if you took Shingo Yamamoto, that means that fishing boat captain Makoto Nagano is still up for grabs, lol.

He was always my favorite, he looks like Bruce Lee. Who was the the chef that would always bring an octopus with him?

The Zombie Survival Guide. Incredibly handy, and covers the vast majority of situations you’d be stuck in, should zombies attack.

So I’ll grab my Xiaolin Spade (or katana, they both work), and go to town on those sons of bitches. Also, shotguns.

Luckily, I actually know people who know about this stuff, so that’s an advantage. And we’ll hold 'em off at the grocery store. (Because shit goes down like that for whatever reason.)

Are we talking fast zombies or slow zombies?

No need to have a bee in your bonnet because of zombies, really. They’d be probably glad to solve misunderstandings over a cup of tea.

I’ve reached the conclusion that if/when the zombie apocalypse hits I’ll be among the first to go.

So I’ll just be eating all your brains, okay?

Just don’t eat my brain. It lower you’re IQ temendusly.

Which is the best immunity. They will tap on my skull, shrug their shoulders, and move on.

What’s all this zombie talk when there’s L4D to be played