The Four Year Mark

Thanks for Four Years of Conversation!

Some of it has been good fun, some of it has been random information, and some of it has been palmface, with most of it being some combination or another. Sometimes I participate and sometimes I don’t, but sticking around the agora has been a blast so far and I hope it continues in it’s usual sporatic, insane, divided, mostly helpful state.

Hey, you know. Now that you mention it I’ve just started on my fourth year on these boards myself. Glad you’re enjoying yourself Trkjac, I know I have.

Cheers, no?

Hah yeah it’s funny how quick years seem to go by in the Agora!

I’ve been hanging around here since- 2002. That’s seven years! Wow, I’m getting old!!

Oh wait… I was already old! :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, RPGC is a great place to hang out. :ah-ha!:

I can’t remember how long I’ve been here. I think I recall 9/11 here, though. My profile says late 2002 though, so I dunno.

Late 2002… what the fuck am I still doing here? In every sense of the word, my life has changed frighteningly little despite getting a job, going to college and watching half my family get buried.


I’ve wated seven years of my life here…? Well it hasn’t been a total loss. Who am I kidding? It’s been a great seven years! Here’s to seven more!:toast:

I’ve been here since 9/11… which is surprisingly a long time. I dunno what keeps me coming back… there are some damn good discussions/debates here that I like reading, and I’d like to think my own skills have been influenced by that. Plus this has a very academic feel to it which I dig.

Oh yeah, games? Games are fun. RPGs. Yeah.:chupon:

Cala, I was here before my join date on my profile. I think something is up with dat.

Mystical timey wimey time travel?

:regd02: :no2: fuckin n00bs

It is kinda depressing to read my posts now and my posts back then and realize I haven’t seemed to change much. And I’ve been here for about 6-7 years.

I think I’ll have been here 10 years in april.

I arrived here, oh, autumn/winter 2001. I know because that was a shitty school year for me and you guys helped cheer me up, although I don’t rememeber whining to you. Man I was a n00b. I remember changing my sig every ten post I made, because I had so many fun fanfic quotes I wanted to use. I think I’ve been using the current quote for about two years or more - it’s just so accurate.

Sent: Thursday, August 09, 2001 10:08 PM
Subject: Would you like an E.V.O. Shrine?


I am really interested in joining RPGC and I was wondering if you would like a shrine built on E.V.O.: The Search for Eden, a RPG/Adventure(Mostly RPG) game that involves “evolving”(becoming stronger) using points gained from battling lots of enemies(A lot like most RPGs). I can build a shrine on it using Angelfire using your templates. I visited your site and I noticed that E.V.O. wasn’t listed.

P.S.Also, I read some of the fanfics. They are really good! :slight_smile:

(The fanfic was one of Weiila’s)

Didn’t we switch to the current board in early 2002? That would explain why some people’s join dates are off.

I’m approaching my 7th year here. Life really hasn’t changed terribly much for me in the past 7 years (except for developing that fondness for the sauce), it seems. Go figure.

Lord knows I’ve changed. I don’t like to look back on old posts, man I said some stupid shit. :stuck_out_tongue:

9/11 here too. I think I got into a conversation about FFVIII with either X or Hades, and promptly, got booted for the fact >_>;