The Force is strong with SOUL CALIBER IV???


Granted that this isn’t that different from II’s inclusion of Link/Spawn/Heihachi, but this is still wrong on so many levels. How the hell are players supposed to hit Yoda? He’s less than half the size of even the smallest characters.

This is not the game you’re looking for handwaves

j/k it’ll be interesting for sure.

What angers me though is the fact that I have to choose between dropping $600 to play as the Lord of the Sith verses the $500 price tag for what is obviously going to be the most broken (or misrepresented) character in the series thus far.

Admittedly though, I missed that console exclusive part when I first wrote my previous post. >.<

My question is this: Does this mean that Soul Calibur is now a part of Star Wars canon? If so, that’s hilarious.

Also, who knew that the long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away referred to 16th century Eurasia. I certainly didn’t.

Luckily I already have a PS3. Vader all the way for me. :slight_smile:

We must be one of those Outer Rim planets. It would explain that Holiday Special from a few years back.

My guess is that after getting shot up during the Battle of Yarivn Vader’s Tie Fighter crashed on 16th Century Eurasia (hey it had to stop hurdling off into space somewhere) he discovers tremors generated in the Force (from the Soul Edge obviously) and goes after it in hopes of repairing his Tie Fighter so that he can get back to menacing the galaxy (until he meets his untimely demise during a domestic dispute between himself and his angsty son over who gets to seduce his daughter)

As for Yoda? He’s Yoda dammit! He knows that Vader is up to something so he came to lay some Jedi Smackdown on him. But if you really need something better than that he came for a Xbox360 then he stayed to lay some Jedi Smackdown on a not-so-random bunch of people.


Soul Calibur is just a fucking joke anyways. Spend your money on whatever the other option is.

A fun joke!

I want my SC4 on Wii with Jar Jar Binks, thank you verrry much!

I’d settle for SC2 for the pc with no trace of Jar Jar.

This isn’t half as weird as the fact that Han Solo died on Earth (Indiana Jones found his body.)

(OK, that was an in-joke from a Indiana Jones comic book. Still, it’s funny. :stuck_out_tongue: )