The Flash/Superman Race: Who would win?

I say the Flash otherwise there’s nothing cool about the flash. He’s the second fasest? Nobody gives a shit! What’s YOUR opinion?

Is the racetrack laced with Kryptonite? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well on the one hand if Superman is faster than the Flash is completely redundant.

On the other if the Flash is faster then its because Superman was too busy saving the planet from an asteroid or something to race.

That said, Superman is a dick. Therefore I would say that the Flash would be the winner in his own mind. :smug:

It depends on the context of the race.

An outer space 100 light year course? Super man.


What about a race to your bed, Eden?

I thought this was actually done in comics and Flash generally wins, I think?

Superman would cheat and melt of Flash’s skin.

I don’t remember which particular race it was, but Superman was assumed to be much heavier than Flash. Whenever they had to run on water, Superman would submerge and “run” there, while the Scarlet Speedster would Christ it up on the sea. They did achieve the same speeds, though. Flash being lighter and not breaking the surface tension with his incredible speeds…

I guess Flash is 4-0-2 against Superman in their races: