The first rule of Fight Club is...

Haha - Nice Find! Might also want to edit your post to make folks aware that there’s a movie spoiler in the skit.

Maybe Hades LIKES spoiling movies?

Isn’t Fight Club really old? Is that a spoiler anymore?

It’s okay if you spoil the ending, as long as there’s a penis in there somewhere.

It’s a bit of an underground film. It was made in '99. Yeah, ten years old, but I didn’t see it until '07 and I know a decent number of people that haven’t seen it.

Fight Club? Underground? Are you kidding me!? It has fucking Brad Pitt in it!

Anyway, resume doing things. <_<;

Replace “fight” with “fuck.”

Go over the rules again.

Chuckle at the cheap thrill.

I don’t get it. What is a fight club?

Wasn’t Fight Club based on a book?

Yeah the book was called Fisting Men


I don’t see how so many people haven’t watched the movie yet.

There are people who haven’t watched Fight Club? Inconceivable.

They’re the same people that haven’t seen Boondock Saints.

It was. I like the ending of the movie better.

I’ve seen Fight Club but not Boondock Saints. ODDS BEATEN!!

You must watch the Boondock Saints :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

edit: Especially since All Saints Day comes out this year :smiley:

I’ve seen the Boondock Saints and not Fight Club. The end was spoiled for me a long time ago (when it was out) and so I don’t want to see it. :expressionless:

darth vader dies in ROTJ

Darth Vader is Luke’s dad.

Your mom is Luke’s dad