The first 2 and a half seasons of Sliders were awsome!

anyone ever watch that show? before it turned to shit? it was good. like quantum leap! only quantum leap was better.

Agreed, Sliders was awesome while they still concentrated on the sliding, and not chasing a mad scientist/fighting weird alien things. Everything went downhill after John-Rhys Davies left it, IMO

Quantum Leap was miles better, though.

John-Rhys Davies makes everything better. I WAS kinda hoping the introduction of the chasing-evil-man thing would give some kinda drive to the show other than Let’s-get-home-really-episodically, but it turned out lame instead. Damn you scriptwriters!

And yeah. I didn’t like the end of Quantum Leap though. It seemed kinda depressing.

the last episode of Quantum leap was almost as depressing as the last episode of the short lived fox show about the family of anthropormorphic dinosaurs “AKA Dinosaurs” A comet comes and hits the earth and kills them all, seriously!

I remember the last episode of Dinosaurs. My friends don’t believe me when I tell them it ended that way.

The ending for Quantum Leap fit it. I mean, how else do you end the series? With a campy “hooray we back home!” episode? That would be a let down. And after some of the other stories earlier in Quantum Leap, that show was obviously going to be depressing at some points.

If you don’t mind my asking, how DID Quantam Leap end? I’m not a fan, but I’m curious.

984, I didn’t say it wasn’t good, only that it was depressing.

He never got home. You’d best watch the episode yourself. I watched it so long ago I forget most about it, apart from a) the old man and b) it was sad.

God damn you people…Urge to buy DVDs rising (or if cannot find… ;))

The ending of Quantum Leap is something you only watch twice if you have a heart of ice. The picture of Sam and Al is a particular guaranteed tear-jerker, as well as the sad music.

Other TV endings that were high on emotion were Babylon 5 and Farscape (although the latter ending has been “corrected” X-D ). Blake’s 7’s ending was just mental, though. :-/

Yeah, the introduction of the Cromags was just an excuse for the writers to not come up with any unique, interesting ‘Earths’ for them to land in.

Was it the beginning of the second or third season that Quin found out he was actually from a parallel Earth? That’s about the time I stopped watching.

I kept watching it for a while, but yeah, it was all downhill after John Rhys Davies left. Lots of plot twists that lead to continuous story arcs that were just stupid, and almost the entire original cast gradually getting replaced. I think when I stopped watching only one of the original characters was still in the show. Did it ever have an ending or anything?

I think the humans and Cromags declared peace at the end.

I thought I saw an episode where they tried to rescue the main character’s girlfriend and she was in some sort of lab where the cromags were using her psychic power to open gateways between parallel worlds and she sort of managed to bring the rest of the characters there and they woke her up and she used her psychic powers to destroy the cromags. That is when I stopped watching.

Holy crud, that’s what happened to Sliders? I’m glad I stopped watching early. It was good in the beginning ^^

Yeah, I used to love Sliders. They should’ve just had Quinn (was that his name?) and Wade get married with the Professor/Rembrandt as the best man and ended it there… before it got complicated and irritating. :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, I remember watching that ages ago, but I just stopped watching it around the third series. Completely forgot about it until now.

Oh MAN! You’ve got to be kidding. Heh, I remember when I was still with my Grandma and I would watch that show, the boss was like that guy in the Flintstones/Jetson’s (it was all the same, 'cept those guys had a heart, this one didn’t) adn I thought it was really funny. I suppose…that’s…one way to end it.

I’m so early in life, I haven’t seen a really crappy ending to a show.

This is something to keep in your time capsule: I prophecize that the end to the Simpson’s will be swift, sorrowful, and stupid.

I remember watching some show with VH1 called “I Love The 80’s” were one hospital show ended with everyone realizing it was all some autistic’s kids dream, it was the WTF moment of the show.