The Final Fantasy XII thread

The game’s coming out tomorrow!

I might buy it if I have the chance. Though I don’t have 50 bucks to spare and I’m not sure if I’m to keen on buying a new game let alone XII.

Good bye social life :smiley:

I’m still in the midst of VP2, which I am alternately amazed at and disgusted at. I’ll probably buy it on the 31st anyway, but I also probably won’t actually play it till I’m done VP2 (I’ll give the inevitable bonus dungeon a miss for the moment, though).

I pre-ordered 6 months ago and I’ll be at EB in the morning but I too will finish VP2 1st

I preordered the collecters edition about a week ago at my local GameStop (they were out of the standard ones) and I going to pick it up at midnight. Since I’ve reached that point in VP2 where I’ve been drawn to another game this may help get me back on track.

I had mine pre-ordered and pre-paid for a while. I’ll pick it up sometime this week in the mall when I have to go to buy my sister’s birthday gift. I probably won’t be able to play it until I get a new PS2. The demo disc works all right, so there’s a small chance. However, I still have Fire Emblem, DQ8, and Suikoden V to play as well. Oh well, at least my new job will give me my weekends back.

Couldn’t help myself…had to put VP2 on hold…metal case is tempting…opening FMV is very impressive

Good-Gravey!!! It’s coming out tomorrow! I totaly forgot, thank god I have some cash so I can go buy the game.

Mine arrived at home! pre-ordered it online… can’t wait to see what the collector’s edition case looks like :slight_smile: … should go nicely with my collector’s edition soundtrack ^^

Getting the collector’s edition at lunch time was the worst idea I ever had. It was nerdfest in there. And it was scary. ;_;

That’s probably the only post I’ll make about FFXII, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait it’s not out yet?
Fuck what have I been playing then. :C

Just picked it up at Best Buy (it was only $56 Canadian with tax, which was a pleasant surprise). It came with some sort of bonus DVD with artwork. But like I said, I won’t be playing it till after I finish VP2. Meaning I’m ignoring the rest of this thread for fear of spoilers. Later.

I won’t get it for a while. Right now it’s crunch time with work and I don’t need FFXII sucking all of my time down the drain. I’ll probably get it at Thanksgiving or Christmas since my PS2’s back home. I’ll be following Cid’s lead and avoiding this thread for fear of spoilers until I get it.

I picked up my copy, but I have no idea when I’ll actually get to playing it. Probably finish a few other games that I already have before it. Or at least WA4, I suppose.

I’ll leave the spoilers at home for now, but I did notice something. The licence board system actually resembles FFV’s ability system. For instance if you buy the black magiks 1 licence you would be allowed to cast Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder (provided that you already know those spells) much like if you learned to use black1 in FFV. This also brings me to my second compairison to FFV is in the magic and techniques. Like in FFV once you learn a spell everyone can use it provided they know how to use it. So far the only differences I,ve seen between FFV’s job system and FFXII’s licence system is the lack of diffinitive classes and the amount of equipment based licences vs. equip sword/armor/ribbon abilities.

Just a disclaimer: I haven’t gotten very far yet so I’m not sure just how far the similarities go yet.

I havent done much with it yet. I just finished the prologue. The battle system is exactly like FFXI’s which… I dunno. I’ve yet to get to the finer points of the battle system. But man it’s already the best one since Final Fantasy Tactics, if for no other reason than just to be able to hear the Crystal theme for the first time since FFVII. The whole opening is Epic as fuck. Like LOTR epic. They really out did themselves. The score is fucking brilliant, again, the best in years. The dialogue is fantastic. I found the dialoge to be hit and miss since before FFIX.

Now, none of this says anything about the gameplay; only that I havent been this wowed by FF’s presentation in a very very long time. This makes up for the abortions that were the FFVII spinoffs and FFX-2. But then again Tetsuya Nomura, that faggitly little douche and his team of wackjobs had nothing to do with this one, so… this game isnt enough to restore my faith in the company.

One thing bothers me though. Considering it takes place in Ivalice, I was hoping to see some sort of link b/t this and FFT. If it’s in the same world, it should suggest that there has to be some sort of timeline b/t the two. It doesnt look like it. In fact, it seems to suggest more of a link b/t this and FFXI (humes, etc) and drops a name that sounds awfully like Vana’diel, even though that has nothing to do with Ivalice.

I suppose I’m reading too much into it. Oh well. Bottom line, 30 minutes in, and already it’s the best PS FF since FFT.

If you are one of those overanalyzing guys, you could maybe somehow perhaps say that this is the ancient world in which Ajora was born, and there is even a detail in one of the monster descriptions that talk about ancient ruins and mentions “perhaps this will be the fate of our civilization as well”. Of course, it’s a wild shot. Especially considering all the races that should have become extinct, how the names Ivalice and Ordalia would have to change from World/Continent to Country/Country and more stuff.

If you are deperate for a link, it’s a lot like the FFTA world, except with no “law” shit and better technology. Montblanc is even there. Of course, I detest FFTA, so never mention this in my presence again.

The only real “links” are on random references thrown around, like the names Ordalia, Ivalice and Valendia and random comments here and there. For example, the monster info sometimes quotes a female naturalist called Merlose (As in Callo Merlose), and a random woman in a city says she has tickets to see a troupe called Tantalus. Things like that.

I’m in the Giza plains with dicktease #1 and I can’t set up my gambits. Why?

Gambits are introduced progressively… you should get the chance soon enough