The Final Fantasy VI Grand Finale Orchestral album (Relm)

So I had my MP3 player on shuffle, as I always do, and I stumbled across a version of Relm’s theme music from Grand Finale album. I never really thought much of either, but this one stuck out to me. I was vaguely aware that it was a pretty tune to begin with, but given the orchestral touch makes it really stand out. The bagpipe that’s thrown in is a stark contrast, but it’s surprisingly effective. I’ve listened to it several times, and it never fails to bring a tear to my eye. Simply stunning. The rest of the album is really beautiful tool; obviously Tina’s theme and “The Opera Scene (not sure what that’s called” being two more stand out tracks.

Anyway, here it is:

Oh, and I just happened to listen to the original version as I finished typing this, and I never noticed that the bagpipe sound is used there too. It works very well in its own way.

Ted Woolsey had the grace to change Tina to Terra. Tina may sound exotic to Japanese ears, but to me she’s that chick I used to know, y’know?


Yeah, but it totally ruins that Celestina joke that the game was going for.

Is that a reference to this novel?

:frowning: You guys suck.


DR, these matters are important.


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:frowning: You guys suck.

To be fair, while FFVI’s music is excellent, FFVI is well known for its excellent music.

But, here. Have a link.