The FFTA2 Thread

Great game or The Greatest? Discuss.

Is it good? I’m asking as someone who found FFTA rather s-l-o-w.

I think it’s ok. Definitly an improvement over the original. The law system does not make me want to vomit everywhere when I get a horrible combination. Breaking the law does not automatically screw you over if you planned your ‘breach’ a little.

Of course, you can’t exploit laws against the AI anymore, but it was a little too easy at the endgame.

The only part that irks me is the ability point gain. Feels a bit on the low side…then again, I’m still WAY early, and my inner completionist wants my monk to have quad-classed already. Take with a grain of salt, I suppose.

Yeah ability point gaining seems to be a bit slow. I’m not sure how to really get my classes up for now because of it and I’ve played for a few hours. I’m not that far in. The game is very slow but not that hard.

If you liked FFTA1, you will like 2. If you didn’t, you won’t.

I’ll work on my backlog then (when the holidays begin, anyway). Thanks for the info.

Just got it and am liking it. The interface is astoundingly improved simply due to the increased screen space, and yeah, they fixed the law system. It’ll probably take quite a while for me to get anywhere in it but I’m looking forward to it.

I really hate the fact you need to do fucking quests to get classes open up to you. That is REALLY fucking irritating. The FAQs are fucking awful. Does anyone know when you’re supposed to have the Fighter quest available? Cid just got shot and I’m worried SOMEHOW I missed it despite doing every last quest up to now. That and the Ruuj quest pissed me off. Level 44 Red Mage with DoubleCast and Counter? Fuck me. RRRRGGH.

This game is really starting to get under my skin. The shittiness of the starting classes is demotivating as well.

I actually like the idea of unlocking classes via quests rather than trying to magically come up with a combination of classes and abilities which nobody tells you about. It makes a lot more sense, frankly.

As for crappy starting classes, perhaps we’re forgetting the original FFT? Squire, Chemist, Archer and even Knight didn’t have much going for them.

By the end of Chapter 1, my classes in FFT rocked hard though. I thrive on manipulating a system. This system prevents me from doing that and thus makes me angry. I don’t like arbitrary roadblocks.

I guess what REALLY gets under my skin isn’t necessarily the roadblock they put in place with the quests, its the inability to level up your characters at will in a separate context. Leveling up the classes is very very slow because you need to do the quests that give very few points in exchange. This makes it so that I have no idea how crappy the classes can be and I end up wasting a lot of time trying out these things when it could be a lot faster. FFT also had a skill list so I knew what I was getting into ahead of time.

Oh and don’t even get me started on the bullshit of the clan trials. WTF? The miss frequency at 90% is not accurate and I hate the fact the laws don’t apply to the enemy anymore.

Yeah, I oh so love a law that prevents me from using any ability that relates to MP when the enemy team is 3 black mages 1 green and 1 time mage. And even after I broke the law I got asswiped so hard.

I dunno Clan Trials are fun >_> I didn’t find the trials with the Missing law to be difficult because after I used Agility up 1, all my characters were hitting for 97%.

Also the Camoa Cup was annoying with no MP usage, but I just used all my physical fighters and gave a bunch of them the items ability. Of course, it helps that I skipped it the first time it was available. I’m doing the quests basically in order of Rank, so it’s not hard.

Also, Sin, you need to do a few more story quests to start the Figther quest. One or two more, I think.

Sin, the original FFTA gave pretty much the same amount of AP per quest, and the abilities cost the same. I’m honestly not seeing a huge leap in difficulty just yet (admittedly I’m only done about 15 quests so far).

FFTA allowed you to do some laughably easy random battles for about twice as much AP as regular quests in like half the time though.

As SE said. Its not that the game is hard, its that there are moments where it is frustratingly stupid. Like the clan trials where my guys miss at 95% (often, a known FFTA problem), or the other clan trial where you can’t attack something more than 2 blocks away. I lost the level 3 one because I couldn’t uncharm one of my guys who attacked my own people after moving a whole lot when the monster had 1 hit left before he died. Sometimes also its simply not clear or not apparently consistent as to why you would lose a fight like that, leading to some frustrating trial and error. If the laws applied to enemies I wouldn’t mind but it doesn’t , which is stupid.

I am liking the elementalist. The damage is decent and the status effect appreciated. Disable on Fire Whip is nice.

Jesus fucking christ, it only gets worse. I’m fighting guys with upwards of 240 hp now and my characters hit for like 20 when they’re doing good. This game is really fucking annoying. Why does SE have to make everything take so much time?!?
Edit: 44% my guy gets killed. 93%, I miss. And they hit me for 60. God I hate this game.

Because SE sucks at making things difficult. Difficulty in an RPG is a tricky business, but there are some that pull of acceptable yet challenging works (Sup MegaTen). Squeenix isn’t one of them. It really dawned on me when I was fighting Yzamat and I realized that, had they cut the fucker down to 10.000.000 HP from the start, the battle would have been the exact same thing only a couple hours shorter. They can’t get balanced difficulty, so either they just make the damn thing long as hell, or they resort to bullshit random might-kill-you-might-not like Ozma.

Or the FFX Arena. Remember the Arena?

Oh man, if the game is already frustrating you, just wait until you get to the auctions >_>

Sin: The whole point of probability is that sometimes, even at 95%, you will miss. In fact, it means you’ll miss 1/20 times you try. It isn’t likely, but it’s always possible. You may just be unlucky, I’m afraid.

And after Crisis Core, nothing FFTA shoves my way will be in any way boring. -_- Seriously, they stopped trying in CC. 300 missions, and 95% of them were EXACTLY THE SAME THING.

I am getting fed up with Squeenix reusing graphics and music. So far I’ve only heard maybe two original tracks; the rest have been taken directly from FFTA and FF12RW (which itself was taken verbatim from FF12).

The following things bug me about the game:

  1. Equipment. It happens at what feels like random. I have no control over getting weapons/armour for the jobs I actually WANT. Secondly, I tend to get weapons/armour for jobs I have not actually unlocked yet. How useful.

  2. Jobs. The starting ones are so far past useless it’s INSANE. About the only ones with any combat effectiveness at all are the White Mage/Black Mage. That would be ok if the jobs quests were clearly marked as a reward, instead of looking like a horrible “why waste your time quest” and if the enemies didn’t advance in power at twice the rate you do.

  3. Enemies. They start off laughable, work their way into a good solid challenge (Mainly because you are crippled with useless classes) and end up somewhere near insane to murderous. I’m doing about 80% of the quests, apparently I should be doing 100% of every side quest offered. Wonderful, MMORPG gameplay in an RPG.

  4. Skills. Even if I know exactly what I want my party to be and ahve the jobs unlocked, I still can’t actually get there. Why? Because I don’t have the items with the right skills on them and have to wait for the jackpot machine (sorry, “Bazaar”) to hopefully provide me with something useful. I’m not talking insane requirements either. I’m past my first auction, over 5 hours into the game and all my white mage has is “Cure”. That’s it. Why? Because I can’t get anything else because I don’t have the right staff. It doesn’t cut it when the enemies are mashing you with “Fira” and hitting for 60 a pop in regular melee. Why? Their items are fantastic. As in, their whole party is equipped with items I have not even seen. I should steal them… except my thief doesn’t have the right skill because… I don’t have the weapon. WONDERFUL.

I loved the fact that FFTA gave you a baseline of gear so you could always rely on having the base skills for all the classes. Having no way to cure status effects short of items when every other attack induces a status effect is close to unplayable.

Honestly, I have no idea what you guys are complaining about :confused: I must be doing 85-90% of the quests and I’m having absolutely no problems with the enemies.