The Fayth's Dream (FFX Spoilers)


X-2 pisses even more in my porridge than X did. One word: (X-2 spoiler) Shuyin . Messed up, all I’m saying.

the way I understand it yu yevon was a talented summoner but when he summoned sin he accidentaly became a part of sin and to stay alive after sin is detroyed he inhabits another aeon.
and from what I understand the wall of faith was the origin of “dream zanarkand”. But didn’t yuna say that something was drawing from the power of the faith? I always thought that yu yevon was feeding off that power to energize sin. It would be to stressful for him to keep sin going off his energy alone.
And yes something bothers me about shuyin could it be that he is the original tidus and the faith changed him so that that would make dream zanarkand a more pleasant place?
that would kind of explain his quick attraction to yuna.
lenne was a summoner and looked fairly similar to yuna ya know?

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This is all in the FFC’s timeline for FFX.

A huge war rages between the cities of Bevelle and Zanarkand. The war is fought with high-technological weapons, or “machina”. Bevelle’s machina is far superior to that of Zanarkand. The war lays waste to a large area of land, later known as the Calm Lands (see below). The leader of Zanarkand, the summoner Yu Yevon, fears the worst.

At Yevon’s behest, many of the people of Zanarkand give up their lives and turn themselves into fayths. (Fayths are souls trapped in statues, whose dreams manipulate a phenomenon called pyreflies. This phenomenon can result in making real that which is not: for example, calling aeons, beings of great power.) Yu Yevon himself merges with the life energy (pyreflies) of the rest of the people to build an invincible armor called Sin. Using Sin, he decimates the army of Bevelle; however, the creation of Sin destroys Zanarkand as well. From within Sin, Yevon uses the fayth to summon a dream Zanarkand: Zanarkand as it was before its destruction, to keep it in its pristine state forever.

Yu Yevon’s daughter, Lady Yunalesca, pioneers a plan to punish Bevelle and honor her father as well. She creates a technique called the Final Summoning, wherein a summoner who trains her aeon-summoning abilities can call the Final Aeon. The Aeon is created from a guardian of the summoner, who has a close bond with her; the guardian is killed and turned into a fayth, who then controls the aeon. Summoning the Final Aeon destroys Yevon’s armor Sin, but Yevon then merges with the new aeon and Sin is reborn anew after a time. The summoner also cannot withstand the energy caused by this phenomenon, and dies as well.

Yunalesca proclaims that this rite can defeat Sin for a time and give Spira hope for a short while, but unless the world embraces the teachings of Yu Yevon and atones for their sins, Sin will never disappear completely. (This isn’t true, but she wishes to give the world hope for a final salvation.)

Yunalesca uses her husband Zaon as the first Final Aeon. She is then killed by the Final Summoning, but refuses to be Sent to the Farplane. She remains in the ruins of Zanarkand to guide future summoners in the rite of the Final Summoning.

Bevelle remains in terror of Yevon and Sin, and to appease Yevon begins circulating his teachings (received through Yunalesca). Mainly these revolve around the Final Summoning and a ban on machina (Yevon wishes that the machina war should never happen again). He allows certain non-martial machina (blitzball machines, for instance) to survive. Bevelle disseminates these teachings (along with Yunalesca’s plan involving the Final Summoning) and sets up temples throughout Spira. Each temple holds a fayth, whose aeons summoners can train themselves with.

Tidus is all a part of the fayths’ dream of the “perfect Zanarkand.” Auron gets Sin/Jecht to go into the dream Zanarkand and pull Tidus out to Spira, where they go on the adventure of their lives (the game itself).

You know what is to blame for all this weirdness in Spira?

The pyreflies.

These things, which the people of Spira take for granted (the Moonflow is full of them) have the power to turn people’s thoughts and/or emotions into reality.

When people die in Spira, they must have a summoner perform “The Sending” or their souls may get stuck in the physical world instead of going to the Farplane. (Personally, I don’t think ALL people who die get stuck- only those with unresolved “issues.”) Some people become Fiends, while other become Unsent, which are like undead. (Why? I dunno, but I believe it is the strenght of their will: some people just leave their hatred on Spira, and THAT is what becomes fiends, thanks to pyreflies that combine with things like elements or objects. But those people who had STRONG wills, like Auron, actually have their souls stay in physical form, some so human you can hardly tell.)

I also believe that the pyreflies are responsable for the Aeons. The Aeons are spirits from the farplane, but they cannot manifest by themselves. They need a fayth (a human soul who VOLUNTARILY has stayed on Spira -inside a statue- to “anchor” them. Even then, a living summoner MUST invoke them, using their own will, and the permission of the faith that represents the Aeon.) But note that Aeons also dissolve into pyreflies when they “die” and that the Farplane is full of them too.

The one thing that hasn’t been explained (to my knowledge) is WHY the pyreflies get into Spyra.

Oh, and yes, there WERE summoners in Spira BEFORE the destruction of Zanarkand. That is proven in FFX2.

As to whether Tidus could’ve been one of the souls who got stuck (by Yu Yevon) in the Zanarkand Fayth, I thought about that from the start (I’m surprised Cid didn’t). I’ll tell you my conclusion about it once I see all the X2 endings.

Originally posted by RedComet

Has got me thinking that if the people inhabiting the dream Zanarkand was the souls of the fayth who were originally citizens of the REAL Zanarkand. Then since Tidus was from the dream Zanarkand he would have to be the soul of a fayth and the fayth would have to have been a real person in the Zanarkand of 1000 years ago. So it could be possible that Tidus could really be trapped in the Gagazet statue powering his own existence as a dream of himself that was brought to Spira.

X-2 Spoiler, maybe?
I got the good ending and I gotta say it fist fucked the above theory until it bleed… Quite a good ending though, gotta play through and get that last 1% though.

FFX-2 Perfect Ending Major [spoiler]I just got the “perfect” ending (it ROCKETH about ten times more than the good ending). Basically the fayth bring Tidus back from wherever he was, and he’s “real”. However, it doesn’t explain why he resembles Shuyin. The best explanation I can get is that Tidus is the “fayth dream” version of Shuyin - i.e. based on Shuyin, but quite a bit different. Shuyin has all the moves that Tidus has, so it’s pretty safe to say that the entire lifestyle is similar as well, with Shuyin being a blitzball ace. There’s probably a real Jecht a thousand years ago as well.

It looks like Wilfredo’s only partly right: it’s not only the pyreflies that do kooky things, but in this instalment a lot of the blame goes to the Farplane. The fayth aren’t really dead, they’re just kicking around in the Farplane - and they’re strong enough to create a physical Tidus from his previous feelings again. The Farplane’s powerful enough to create a shade of Shuyin from his feelings of regret. Etc.[/spoiler]

Cid: My theory is that the pyreflies COME from the Farplane; I think they’re what we call “ectoplasm”- the stuff ghosts are made of. The Farplane is the “heaven” for the dead of spira, and its energies are what creates the pyreflies.
Note I’m just ASSUMING this, I have not seen any part of the games (yet) that specifically says the 'flies come from the Farplane.

Even so, that leaves us with the question: WHY is this happening? Is this just a natural phenomenon? Or did somebody monkey around with the division between planes, creating “holes” thru which they slip? And how come they appear at certain places more than others? Why did the pyreflies get to Shujin, and not to many other (probable) people in Spira who died full of hate? I hope to see more clues in what I have left to play.

You won’t find many. Pyreflies aren’t explained, any more than magic is or materia is. They’re just there. 8p

As for why Shuyin as opposed to anybody else, note that the game doesn’t stress his “hate” - it stresses his “regret”. In other words, the tragic death he had without being able to hear or say the words that needed to be said.

Cid, did you give the sphere to new yevon one time and to the youth league the other time? The good ending was pretty cool because it answered most of my questions I had when I seen Tidus in the water swimming to the surface in X. Gotta see that perfect ending though. Do you have to replay the same events you did in your previous game like the optional missions in order to get more percentage points or can you skip them cuz they wont give you anything?

Yes, I gave the sphere to New Yevon one game and Youth League the other game. There’s way more than 100% total; a bunch of scenes change due to that choice. Yes, you can skip past all the stuff you already did since it won’t add any more points.

I just gave the sphere to New Yevon, previously gave it to the Youth League and got the points I needed to get 100%. Yay, go me.

RC, I have a question… what exactly did you see in the Good Ending? I have a hunch that it’s not quite what I saw.

Good ending… Is it the one where Tidus gets wished back to Spira and Yuna jumps off the Celsius to give him a huggy-wuggy at the Besaid Beach?

Possibly, possibly not. I’m asking RC, because of something he said.

It showed the “common” ending, the one with Gippal, Nooj, and Baralai making the speech at the Blitz stadium in Luca. After that thing was over with the gullwings on the ship flying the credits rolled. After the credits rolled it started off like the ending of FFX, where all the pyreflies sort of swirl around then it shows Tidus rolled up into a ball and then swim up to the surface. After it gets to the part were it ended in X Tidus surfaces in Besaid and looks around. He walks onto the beach and then the Celsius flys down and then Yuna jumps off and gets huggy huggy with him, etc. All of Besaids there watching them too, though I believe they exaggerated (sp?) Besaid’s population, then they walk off back towards besaid. Tidus asks somehting like “you’ve changed, what’s been happening while I’ve been gone”. Then Yuna breaks into the “Well, it all started when I seen this sphere of you…”

Well, I jsut read what you posted above about the perfect ending, spoiled it for myself but I still wanna see it. So maybe it didn’t make my theory bleed as much as I thought. Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have seen the perfect ending again. I’m at the start of Chap. 4 and like level 20. Praise be to Yevon for Cat Nip. :mwahaha:

Hmm… interesting. I didn’t get that at all for the “good” ending for me. All I got was Hitting X when Yuna was in the Farplane got a kind of “ghost Tidus” embracing her, but he never spoke. I never got that movie, so I thought that you only saw the movie in the perfect ending. The perfect ending has one extra scene besides the movie and that’s it. It’s a neat scene though.

Cid, you didn’t see the movie where Tidus was brought back to Spira at the Besaid beach , but you saw the extra scene where you can only unlock by getting 100% mission completion? Did you press “X” 5 times at the Farplane?During that Farplane scene, I pressed X like mad until Tidus led Yuna out of the Farplane.

No… the first time round, I didn’t press X on the Farplane in chapter 3. I didn’t see the 100% scene, I saw something else involving a “ghost Tidus”. The second time round I did see that movie plus the extra 100% scene.

There are two ‘Good’ Endings. There’s a normal good ending, which happens if you didn’t do the whistling thing in Chapter 3, or if you didn’t speak to the old wiseguy (I forget his name ATM) in Guadosalam during chapter 3. If you do do both of those, you get the good good ending, which involves the scene at Besaid.