The Family Tree... Again

Those who frequented the ToB before the 2nd Great Deletion will probably remember me doing a project on this, making a .txt file of all the fathers, mothers, and their respective children…

Now, most of you also remember I had to reformat, so I don’t have said file any more…

I just wanna know if I can get that info again (X and Y had Z (along who was mother and father)), and/or any misc. info (Nessa was her own mother, IIRC).

I can’t make heads or tails of the stuff from TD’s thread, so… yeah…

i’d love to help you, but the info from td’s thread is all i have…

There’s just one thing I don’t understand… How the heck did Weiila let the others get her into that huge mess?

Because the Humor demanded it!

Urgh! That wasn’t even funny. In fact, the thought is quite revolting.

manus, the rpgc family tree is not one of those things that’s supposed to make a lot of sense…

I found it funny too. I’d love to get into the tree… But how…

Chewing wings off, incest, weird connections and adultery… What a mess… I wasn’t expecting it to make sense, but those parts don’t seem very funny to me.

Originally posted by Urkani
I found it funny too. I’d love to get into the tree… But how…

i’m trying to find a way in right now…no luck yet.

Well, getting into the tree involves a lot of chance.

For instance, how did you seen out when you was a baby?

Manus, chill out, God. it’s all just ajoke, and if you take offense at the sheer absurdity and craziness of the tree, then you don’t belong.

And, just so you know, I was the one who originally Dragged Weiila into the mix.

Cala, you can’t just explain the whole tree in just “So and So was born of This Guy and Someone”, it just doesn’t have the same impact. Instead, I shall post the RPGCFT in actual Family Tree form, soon.

Well, I’d rather keep a safe distance from it. Although I would like to be related to some people I know, this is a bit too twisted for me. I’m not exactly offended, just a bit… disturbed.

Don’t forget to add how they were born, i.e. Zero eating angel wings.

Eeeew! That’s the worst part… Another reason to be suspicious of him. This angel however, would have brutally mauled him.

Wait, <i>I</i> know how to get on the tree! I’ll steal DNA from … <i>[chooses at random]</i> Val, and then …

… and then get the crap beaten out of you!

Yeah! … NO!! I’ll use it to create clones of Zhou and Ukrani in case they get killed, but they’ll accidentally get switched with the real ones!

… That’s not crazy enough to work, Yar.

You?! Get Val’s DNA?! You’d be dead before you knew what hit you.:slight_smile: And who would want to make clones anyway?! The original is always the best.

See what I mean?

Oh, sure, Manus disapproves and therefore we shouldn’t do it!! By the way, that was being sarcastic.

Onslaught, go impersonate Strong Mad, will you?

ain’t no one makin’ no clones o’ me, ya hear?

I believe I have it, Cala.

Edit: Yup

Father + Mother = Child

Sinistral + Merlin = Kagon
Zero X-Hunter + Valkyrie Esker = Cala
Mazrim Taim + Valkyrie Esker = Dragonessa
Tenchimaru Draconis + Valkyrie Esker = Ackbar
Epicgamer + Cala = Xelopheris
Rountree + Cala = Chris-chris
Zero + Weilla = Valkyrie Esker
Macc Maverick + Kai-chan = Merlin
Macc Maverick + Kai-chan = Zero
Macc Maverick + Kai-chan = Mazrim Taim


Mazrim Taim is Valkyrie Esker’s uncle.
Merl adopted Cless.
Cala adopted VonKaiser.
Ackbar disowned Tenchimaru Draconis and Valkyrie Esker.
Jing is Valkyrie Esker’s aunt.
StarStorm the Spazzy is Valkyrie Esker’s step father.
Dragonessa was her own mother while Valkyrie Esker was dead.
Eden99’s only relation is to Eden99.
Mazrim Taim is Kagon’s estranged wife.
Mr. Saturn is Chris-chris’ uncle.

Originally posted by Lord Zhou Yu
ain’t no one makin’ no clones o’ me, ya hear?